A lot can happen in 24 hours

Sometimes I think of consciousness as a river. Most places, it’s armoured over with concrete, sometimes several layers thick. We’ve all heard about the river, and we all find ways to dip a bucket now and then. Some groups (my dad is a Zen Buddhist) have put years of hard work into building wells – reinforced, symmetrical structures, with sturdy rungs for those brave enough to climb down. Some people bottle that river water – and indeed some drugs and other shortcuts can remind you what consciousness tastes like.

The river has always been there, and it’s still there, far under our feet.

24 hours ago, when I posted my “manifesto,” or “cri de coeur,” or Howard Beale moment” or “Jerry Maguire mission statement,” or “extremist left-wing rant,” as it has variously been described, I had two very simple motives. I felt I owed it to the colleagues I would be leaving to explain my decision. And I needed to save my energy for driving, rather than telling the story to each and every friend and family member over the phone.

When I was done digging a shallow grave for my TV career, I swung my pickaxe and stuck it in the ground. Then I sat down to rest.

When I took my eyes off the horizon and looked down at the ground, I realized something was seeping out around the blade of the pickaxe. A tiny bit of sweet, clear water trickled out over the rocks. But it didn’t dry up, like I thought. Now there’s a little spring gurgling along, winding its way through the dust, carving a little channel as it goes along. It tastes amazing.

The response

I want to thank every single person who read that first post. I especially want to thank all of you who took the time to put your own thoughts down here in a comment, or repost the blog on Facebook, or discuss some of the ideas on Twitter or your own blogs. I wish I had time to reply to each of you.

I especially want to thank all the journalists who re-posted the link, possibly at a risk to their internal reputation. Thank you David Akin (Sun), thank you Muhammad Lila and Duncan McCue (CBC), Susan Delacourt and Antonia Zerbisias (Toronto Star), Stephane Giroux and Todd van der Heyden (CTV), Rob Silver (Globe & Mail), Don Macpherson (Montreal Gazette)  and many more.

I also want to thank everyone who shared their own story. I am humbled.

There’s a few people calling me a hack, a naif, radical, immature, irresponsible, narcissistic, insane, verbose, boring and so on. Oh yeah, also “David Suzuki Jr.” That one was funny. Some of the other ones hurt. All this is great. I’m definitely not going to zap your comments. I hope we can debate, when I have some time.

So far though, the haters are a tiny minority. Most of the people who disagree with me have held their tongue, or been kind and polite. The rest of you have leaned over and wrapped me in a warm, soft, Kevlar blanket. I was pretty sure I was doing the right thing, but the online bonfire lit by my resignation has become a kiln: tempering the steel, galvanizing my resolve.

I think a few key things have been demonstrated here:

1. People will still read a 3,000 word essay.

2. People can recognize truth and honesty.

3. People are thirsty.

The river

They say water is one of the most powerful forces on earth. It can create and destroy. It can trickle for millenia through limestone caverns, finding a way under miles of desert. Or it can crash over the beach and sweep whole cities away. I guess we’ll see what this little spring turns into.

The discussion needs to continue. Conversations need to be had. But right now I need to rest. I barely slept last night. I’ve been reading every single comment, fielding calls from friends, and trying to keep up with the direct messages, texts, and emails. I need a break. I need to drive a bit to clear my head. Tomorrow I’m planning to cross over into the US and shut off my iPhone. But this is far from over.

As they used to say, stay tuned.

  1. tf said:

    “stay tuned”

    That phrase resonates with meaning – all positive.

    I look forward to being in toon:)


  2. Isn’t ‘David Suzuki Jr.’ more of a compliment?

    That said, I think it’s cheap for people to try to label and commodify your cri de coeur. What you’ve written has resonated with me deeply. You have composed eloquently what I feel is being lost in our country, how we have become less and less Canadian over the past two decades.

    It makes me sad and afraid, but at least I don’t feel alone.

    You’re a damn fine writer. I don’t know what your long-term goals are going to be, but if there is any one person who can be the person who speaks openly and fearlessly truth to power in this country — Brother, I think it’s gonna be you.

    May you find tranquility and rest. I have a feeling you’re going to be working your ass off to attain what your soul aches for.

    Nelson T, Kapuskasing, ON.

  3. Antonia said:

    Oh jeez. “Stay tuned?” I woulda fired you for that one …

    Good luck.

  4. RN said:

    Glad the “David Suzuki Jr” made you laugh, and yes, your 3,000 word essay was worth the read. I’ll go to the “right”, and you go to the “left”, and let’s hope all of us still manage to meet in the same place behind the woodshed.

  5. Brian King said:

    Good luck in your travels /
    Brian King

  6. Cynthia said:

    Wow, thank you for sharing your post. First, I agree with your political views whole-heartedly and share your concern for the future of Canada and it is strangely comforting when I hear of others who feel as I do.
    More importantly, I am debating quitting my own job as well and you have given me much to think about. I am in a somewhat different position, married, mortgage holder, and a mother so my options are a little more limited – but it could be done. I want to be sure that it is the right choice – you can always change your mind and quit the next day, but you can’t go the other way so easily.
    Thank you for taking the leap and being an inspiration.


  7. Alex J. Glass said:

    Good evening, Kai,
    From what I saw on Twitter today, Stéphane Giroux is one who will truly miss you. I mean, from the ones at CTV.

    I have to rewrite *cri du cœur*, but am doing it only for your linguistic benefit; it is not intended as a correction.

    Very truthfully, if anyone whom I know as a friend had called me, or had written to me, saying that they were planning to do what you did, I would have told him or her the following: protect your income for as long as you can stand what gives you shivers sideways. When it was my turn, I didn’t protect my income, and I have regretted it many times, because it took away a moderate, reasonable power that I felt, with regard to life on earth, and I have suffered a lot, because of that. I was around your age, at the time, and felt totally confident, as the job market was quite good, that if I ever disliked self-employment, I could rejoin the pack of honourable working stiffs who had 9h to 17h schedules.

    Still, I think that we have to trust ourselves, first and foremost, because ultimately, we are the one whom we have to face in the mirror, each day, and we are the one with whom we have to put up with, all through life. It was written that we should not listen to advice, but rather follow examples, and I think that it is very true.

    With hindsight, I would probably stay in the federal Public Service, because it was honest work for honest compensation, and I would seek consolation, if I needed any, through original vacations, painting, writing, fixing things, etc.

    Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans, I hope that I’m quoting John Lennon properly.

    It is true that water is impressive, because it sustains life, yet can threaten it. A bit like fire. The key is to treat them with respect, not fear, but respect, this way we don’t handle them with trembling hands and they have little chance of turning against us. My father taught us, quite young, how to flambée steak or mushrooms, and it was through watching him do it that we learned the proper method for handling fire without ending up with no hair and smelling strange. So examples teach better than advice, indeed.

    I wonder if your Chinese sign is Cat, because I don’t know your date of birth. If so, it’s a good year to leap, probably, and land safely.

    I don’t know what your vision is with regard to television journalism. I feel that it has to be a little artificial, at times, because humans, and I am human too, tend to adopt a station, along with its team of reporters, chroniqueurs, anchors, and return faithfully, every night, to learn about what happened that day. They become nearly as visible and as popular as hockey players, and at times, we write to them to make suggestions. I recall having written to Sandie Rinaldo, a few years ago, to ask if she was having a bad hair year. This illustrates that after a while, we feel as if those people are part of our extended family. She did, eventually, have better hair years. I also wrote to Jacques Parizeau, around 1986 or 1987, to comment on his look and make suggestions. It doesn’t matter if he did something with my feedback, but I had to let him know.

    I wish you a serene hiatus before you lift another rock and discover more water.

    : )

    • hyedie said:

      Pssst, there is no year of the Cat in Chinese astrology.

      Did you mean tiger, perhaps?

      • Alex J. Glass said:

        A little knowledge is a dangerous thing … I’ve read sufficiently on Chinese signs to know that the year of the Cat does exist, but in some books, it is called year of the Rabbit. Tiger is a different sign.

        • J.E.S.R said:

          The year of the Cat is celebrated by Vietnamese people, which is different than the Chinese Calendar, so Hyedie was correct that there is no Year of the Cat in Chinese Astrology.

    • More likely a Rooster !!
      The truth is very telling

      And to you others who miss the point with cat rabbit Vietnamese Chinese…etc..if you know the subject matter as I have for 25 years you would get the point as I have

      But cat or rabbit ??..no I do not think so

      Too much truth for that here

      By the way I hope he answers the question and also want to know your sign Sir?

      Me?? Taurus sun-ed…. Aquarius mooned ….fire Rooster of course

      Doesnt it show?


      • Obviously I see he may be 24 but thought that too young and still believe what I said
        Cats are usually never this blunt
        Roosters lack tact and definitely are


  8. Paul Winkler said:

    I find your writing demonstrates a wisdom far beyond your years, and eagerly await the next instalment.
    Oh, and BTW, stop reading all the replies!

  9. This is inspiring many more private conversations and FB conversatoins.

    • Sorry, I meant private conversations and FB comments.

  10. prin said:

    Yey! Trending topic on Twitter. So much for the media knowing what people want. 😉

    I think you’re exactly right about your three points too. The problem is good writing is very hard to come by these days. It tends to be a perfectly repetitive blend of dryness, sensationalism and lack of empathy.

  11. Bill Oates said:

    Having the courage to follow your heart and your conscience is rare in people. Your detractors are merely spectators in the arena. I admire your convictions and wish you well. I will follow with interest.

  12. You are a beautiful writer, and your story is very inspiring. Thank you for being a voice for the many of us who feel the same way. I can’t wait to read about all of your adventures.

  13. E.D. said:

    I feel as if I really understand where you are coming from. Everything you have said speaks to our generation. I made very similar rash decisions both about myself and my career and my income because I feel there are more important stories to be told and that our short lives must be worth more than a steady income and a cozy existence.

    Right now we all must support each other and the voice of reason and do everything we can to maintain an open dialogue about what’s really happening in Canadian politics.

    I’m definitely staying tuned.

  14. TLG said:

    Great stuff, sir. That’s all that needs to be said.

  15. thebovine said:

    Hey, just read your essay from a link from Dammit Janet. Great stuff. Will add your blog to my RSS reader. We need real journalism in Canada.

  16. ParliamentHillCat said:

    I just want to thank you for this essay. You describe what I have suspected for a very long time. I hope my daughter doesn’t pursue journalism, I’ll be sure to show her what you wrote. It’s a big joke.

  17. Kai,
    Best of luck to you. My late father was a journalist, and I must admit I have the bug, but I prefer to read and discuss than to become one myself (I’m in music). Ed Murrow, Robert Fisk, Dan Froomkin and now you are journalists I admire. Have a great road trip. With a trusted vehicle (and CAA protection), you will have a ball.
    Kind Regards, JP Leduc

  18. You are being followed. Take that as you will. I hope that you will take the same route that other smart, informed people have taken, and that you will have support along the way.

    • poshbirdgabi said:

      Good advice. Those who unplug are not allowed to leave easily. Like deciding to leave a vicious gang.

  19. peter kellington said:

    You have demonstrated a rare Canadian trait at this time of our history–guts. If we are to pull ourselves out of the quagmire we are in it will be due to people like you with the guts to do what you know is right. Good luck and thanks.

  20. Craig Carter-Edwards said:

    “The supreme good is like water,
    which nourishes all things without trying to.”

    “When you are content to be simply yourself
    and don’t compare or compete,
    everybody will respect you.”

    – Tao te Ching

    I write this, of course, not for Kai (who has too much to read and reply to already) but for those following him.

    The reason there is so much interest in his experience is because he has done the thing a great many of us long to, but don’t feel empowered to or fear the consequences of. Frankly, we don’t know how his story will turn out. Many of us don’t have his support networks regardless, and would have a harder time making that leap of faith in ourselves, and in humanity.

    The best concepts, with time, become institutions – subject to precedent and the motivations of the few over the realization for the whole. When that happens, we begin again.

    Please consider – if Kai’s experience is an opportunity, it is not for one man, but for all of us to become more than the sum of our parts: a fully-realized society of individuals working to create a better world for our neighbours, and therefore, our children.

    If you hope, even if only in the deep recesses of cynicism, that his story will turn out, remember this – he’s just like you, one drop in the river of humanity.

    What happens next is up to all of us.

  21. mary-anne said:

    Not so long ago I did something similar, and a friend mailed me this quote, which now seems perfect for you, Kai —

    When you come to the end of all the light you know, and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: Either you will be given something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly.

    Something tells me you’re going to fly, so high.
    Be open to every thing that comes your way.

    • I love that. With all my respect to your friend Mary-Anne, I will repost in honor of all those who are brave enough to follow their hearts:
      When you come to the end of all the light you know, and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: Either you will be given something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly.

    • Thank you for that Mary-Anne……I say “Jump!….Build your wings on the way down……” (not so sure the author)

  22. Lesley Pritchard said:

    I’ve come back from more and was rewarded. The dessert-to-water analogy has pushed me right over the edge, reminding me of the career I felt forced to leave behind. Bravo your passion. We’re all here holding the blanket and waiting for your next move.

  23. Lesley Pritchard said:

    Damn, I just spelled desert as dessert. Oh well, a tasty morsel left behind.

  24. Cathie from Canada said:

    Thanks for your essay — a profoundly significant piece of journalism. Never doubt that you will land on your feet but I do hope you continue to write — it is an important talent, to be able to write so well, and will be useful to the country.

  25. milaaa said:

    You are truly an inspiration, Kai!
    I, too, have thought I could change the system from within..I still do.. and although I have made some impact, it’s not nearly at the level I hope to. Don’t know whether to fold the cards and try something new again,..try a different angle haha.. I’m restless and yearn to make the best of this trip – it sure is short!
    I think you can make a profound effect on our society given your way with words, you simply make them beautiful 🙂
    Someone’s gotta do this, otherwise there’s no hope. And our generation can do it. You can do it. Have no fear!

  26. Guts, principles, vision, and enough time and energy to find a new path. Godspeed.

  27. Mary said:

    Your bravery gives me hope – good luck on your path

  28. scf said:

    The reason that you must remain objective in your reporting is that many people disagree with your views. But like many people, you think you’re right about everything and you have strong opinions, which leads you to dismiss and discard other viewpoints, and that is why you no longer wish to remain objective, because in reality you are incapable of it. Like a typical left winger, you not only disagree with the other side, but you wish to discredit them and shut them out. You cannot accept the fact that there are other viewpoints out there that are equally valid as yours. However, introspective people like you often swing to the right as they get older.

    • Interesting case of projection. Everything you’ve written here can be applied to conservatives, so it must be something you’re very familiar with.

      That said,

      Not every viewpoint is valid or worthy of equal consideration, and your so-called brand of ‘objectivity’ in a business increasingly governed by corporate interests merely becomes a tool for blunting any chance of speaking truth to power. That isn’t a partisan aspiration, as you are trying to suggest here.

      There used to be a time when objectivity served the public interest by holding whoever was in charge their feet to the fire. We don’t have that anymore. I believe that was Kai Nagata’s ultimate point.

      • poshbirdgabi said:

        @Nelson T: ITA. This philosophical relativism spurring on SCF is characteristic of the -oh so en vogue- postmodern which is actually nihilism. And there is abundant jargon to silence those who challenge and/or break with this type of thinking. Much love and respect to you Kai for having the courage to break away.

        • scf said:

          There is a difference between relativism and tolerance. There is a difference between reason and humility. You fail to make those distinctions. You also love to say simple things with big words to mask the simplicity of your statements.

      • scf said:

        You sure love to use all the same leftist cliches. Also funny how you feel you can characterize a single paragraph as “projection”.

        Your basic point is that having an open mind and an attempt to understand all viewpoints while remaining objective is wrong.

        I could not disagree more.

        I’ll make my own estimation based on what little you wrote. I’d say that you fail to have the ability to introspect, so much that you are incapable of being objective at all. Nagata could at least feign it at work. You would be incapable of that as well. At least Nagata is introspective. You are not, you are belligerent, you are the type of person that causes conflict.

        • You have been extremely quick to assign ideological labels to both Mr. Nagata and to other posters here, though. Clearly, you have an axe to grind, and the need to prove yourself.

          Moreover, you have confirmed that indeed, you are assigning to me the very traits you are deploring in others. That is what’s known as projection.

          Finally, I think you have at best a tenuous grasp of what my point is. But I suppose any terms where reason and critical thinking are involved, it’s considered to be a ‘leftist cliché’, and affords not the possibility that it is independent of ideology.

          There used to be at the forefront in this country conservatives who could argue convincingly, with logic and fact, their advocacy for a better society. Room to disagree honestly on the issues was de rigueur. Now that’s gone. They’ve been replaced by people only interested in a ‘winner take all’ mentality that has now become the main discourse.

          • Re: “Moreover, you have confirmed that indeed, you are assigning to me the very traits you are deploring in others. That is what’s known as projection.”

            Moreover, you have confirmed that indeed, you are indulging in the very traits you are deploring in others. That is what’s known as projection.

          • scf said:

            You’re a little bit crazy – the conservatives today are the same as the conservatives yesterday, there’s not much difference. In fact, many of them are the same people.
            As for cliches, I’m sorry, but the “truth to power” cliche is one of the oldest and dumbest cliches in the book. C’mon. It’s really vapid. Try harder.

            • Most of the old conservatives are either retired or joined the Liberal party. I’m not talking about the Conservative party pre-Majority days, nor am I talking about the Common Sense revolution crew who make up the bulk of the cabinet.

              You’re overusing the word cliché in a vain attempt to appear relevant. Perhaps the word you’re looking for to express your disdain for honest discourse is ‘quaint’.

              And third, calling people names… tsk tsk…

    • Sharon Priest-Nagata said:

      It is important that those who cannot fully endorse Kai’s views, or support his exodus and his odyssey, also take the time to express their opinions. Strong young people do usually think they are right — and believing you are right, and that you are the centre of the universe, and that what you do matters, and that it is highly important how you spend your life and what you say to others — these are the perogative of the young. But should they be? They sound like spiritual values to me…values that keep us going through all life stages as each one of us, realizing how important and precious and fleeting our time here is, decides each day, each moment, what to say and how to act.

      • Obviously, I don’t know Mr. Nagata personally, but I didn’t see the impulses and desires of the ‘young’ fueling his decision to make a sharp turn in his life. He seems very reasoned and rational. I can assure you by looking at the majority of broadcast journalists and pundits all in the 40s and 50s that the drive to assert one’s opinion doesn’t diminish with age. In fact, it grows.

        As for people of all political and social persuasions, I do agree *honest* viewpoints should be heard. But stuff that is made up of whole cloth, from premises that are imagined or borne from ignorance or misrepresentation? I don’t think they should be given equal weight to views that have at least some basis in reality or a desire to achieve a beneficial purpose to the public. To do so is at best a waste of time, and at worst very destructive to our political landscape.

      • scf said:

        Well, sure, I agree with you and I like your comment. Nagata has expressed his opinions clearly. I just happen to disagree with some (maybe most) of them. By the sounds of it, he had a lot of skill at his job but he may be better suited for something else due to his ideals.
        I don’t think it’s the solely the prerogrative of the young to have those thoughts, but I think that the young are more likely to express strong opinions, and the young have less benefit of life experience. That doesn’t mean they’re necessarily wrong. It just means that the fortitude of their opinions should be tempered. I guess humility is the right word.

      • I am soon to turn 55, and am very politically engaged. I didn’t see anything in Kai’s views that showed immaturity. In fact, he hit so many of my views that I could have written the essay. He certainly didn’t strike me as believing he was the centre of the universe. I would say the opposite was true, in that he can see the whole picture of the trend in this country, and it is scary. Most of my friends, all in their 50s and 60s would have given a standing ovation to this young man for his eloquent statement of what we all see and feel. Dismissing intelligent words because you don’t agree with them is … well, a tad immature, don’t you think?

        • I think the problem we’re seeing here – and we can perhaps blame Fox and its demon children like Sun News – is that ideology should get the same screen time in the media as facts and the truth. Science says that climate change is real. Those on the right who “believe” it’s not – that is, those with no evidence, only a gut feeling – think their opinion has the same validity as the scientific truth.

    • Bravo Kai! And it may sound cliché but as Lt. Col. Frank Slade in Scent of a Woman: “The day we stop lookin’, Charlie, is the day we die.” Don’t stop looking Kai.

    • birdfeeder said:

      @scf: “Like a typical left winger, you not only disagree with the other side, but you wish to discredit them and shut them out. You cannot accept the fact that there are other viewpoints out there that are equally valid as yours.”

      Unfortunately you invalidated your own argument by using invective and shaming. Which is truly a shame. If you had used the term ‘ideologue’ instead of “typical left winger” I would have agreed with you. Your argument (minus the inflammatory reference) applies equally to those in all political camps.

      Last I looked truth doesn’t have a political affiliation. Nor does suffering. Nor does corruption.

      The moment anyone identifies themselves as being from a particular position on the political spectrum I recognize that they’ve expressed their allegiance to an ideological position over that of truth-seeking. Anyone of ANY POLITICAL AFFILIATION can be corrupt.

      The problem isn’t that “Conservatives” are in power; there is nothing bad or evil or inappropriate about being either conservative or Conservative. The problem is that the current Conservatives in power happen to be acting in a corrupt manner. And placing their ideology over their humanity. As did the Liberals before them. As have the NDP during their times in power.

      It was after all the inappropriate and misplaced application of feminist ideology by Marion Boyd – who actively ‘influenced’ the justice system to allow Karla Homolka’s bizarre ‘battered wife’ defence – which was used to justify that infamous “deal with the devil” instead of following the truth and prosecuting accordingly. Searching on the phrase “Ken and Barbie killers” for research on an article is what led me to Mr. Nagata’s post in the first place. It was both misplaced chivalry on the right and misplaced feminism on the left which colluded to allow the woman who committed numerous kidnapping rapes/torture/murders,and spoke of wanting to bear four children so that she and Paul could **** them (I suggest you look it up if you aren’t familiar), to walk free and then go on to bear three children of her own. Three innocent and unprotected children whose lives are at risk and sacrificed in order to protect the greater good of ‘justice’ thanks to both naive conservatism/chivalry and willfully blind leftism/feminism.

      For the record, crime in general is trending downward. However, violent crime committed by females is trending strongly upwards. And sexual assaults by females are drastically underreported and, time after time, made invisible. This is an issue equally ignored by every political party. It is an ugly and expensive truth no-one wants to speak about or report on – not even the Kai Nagata’s of the world.

      Truth is rarely a left/right issue. It’s usually nuanced and has many layers.

      Neutrality and impartial curiosity when searching for truth is a very good thing. Ideology and political affiliation has no place there.

      Once that truth is identified, particularly if it is a difficult truth, saying ‘black is white’ is not neutrality, it is bias and influence and corruption. Similarly, lack of attention to harsh truths is not neutrality; it is rather granting of permission.

      So beware those who presume to search for truth, but in the same breath place themselves as coming from a particular position on the political spectrum. Those two positions are, in my experience, mutually exclusive.

  29. J. Bierman said:

    A few days before I read your cri de coeur, I had become so discouraged with Canadian mainstream television news and reporting that I decided to give it up completely. I felt it could’nt get any worse!

    You sacrificed a lot to show that there are insiders who feel the same and care about the quality of the news Canadians are receiving and how important it is for the future of our country. Thank you for giving me hope.

  30. rita said:

    Your frustration is evident but the reasons are no more earthshaking than anyone who reaches a turn in his life. Nor does it make your opinions valid–simply because they are strongly felt and you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is. You’re somewhat dismissive and rather selective in how you present other points of view. For this reason, I think it’s a great idea that you resigned your job. Many have felt the same frustration and have moved on from reporting to writing blogs.

    • poshbirdgabi said:

      Dear Rita,
      You’re belief in your ability to tell someone whether their experience id valid or not is quite telling.

      • rita said:

        I found the manifesto touching in spots–and the fact that he was willing to ditch a job he no longer believed in is courageous. Many would keep pulling the pay and let their soul die.

        But It’s not appropriate for someone who hires on to be a bureau chief to shape the news and views to his liking. This seems to be the crux of his frustration. For that reason, I think it’s good that he quit. Someone who is interested in being a journalist would consider it his responsibility to investigate and to challenge everything–including his own personal beliefs–in the interest of thoroughness, accuracy and fairness. You do that well, then you let people make up their own minds. You don’t make it your mission to shape or create public opinion.

        In a democracy, people need information. Too much of media reporting is simply reacting to someone’s press release or attention grabbing stunt. Politicians, activists, and other groups have become very good at feeding the news. If the writer is frustrated with simply being a mouthpiece for various interest groups–I understand his disgust. However, if he’s frustrated because he didn’t have the scope within his job to inject his own views, then he shouldn’t be a journalist. He needs to find another vehicle of expression–hence a blog or a book. And that appears to be where he’s heading.

    • Skookum1 said:

      They write blogs because they have no freedom of speech if they were to work as journalists, it’s THAT SIMPLE. They have consciences, and souls, and are not willing to sell them any further just so they can pay over-inflated prices at high credit rates for somewhere to live…..

      He wasn’t being selective it all, and it’s you that’s being dismissive.

      But then, you clearly have no conscience – or you would respect his.

    • Sharon Priest-Nagata said:

      It is important that those who cannot fully endorse Kai’s views, or support his exodus and his odyssey, also take the time to express their opinions. Strong young people do usually think they are right — and believing you are right, and that you are the centre of the universe, and that what you do matters, and that it is highly important how you spend your life and what you say to others — these are the perogative of the young. But should they be? They sound like spiritual values to me…values that keep us going through all life stages as each one of us, realizing how important and precious and fleeting our time here is, decides each day, each moment, what to say and how to act.

  31. Jay said:

    If only the rest of you reporters will defund yourself, it be of great benefit to the rest of us. You all live in your myopic, lefty world. Woe is you.

    • poshbirdgabi said:

      Someone without the courage to unplug. The youth call this “hateration”, I believe.

    • Skookum1 said:

      Wishing ill on someone is *s*o* right-wing it’s not funny…..that allegedly left-wing reporters (telling the truth and using their conscience) are to be “defunded”, meaning that they have to work at McJobs or seek welfare, in order to give up their profession (truth), is just so much right-wing hobble-gobble. Hatred, hostility, wishing ill on each other – that increasingly defines the Canadian right……gone are the days of Diefenbaker and Stanfield and their ilk. The right now is only interested in destroying anyone who disagrees with them…..no morals, no conscience, just hatred and vindictiveness….while professing, no doubt, Christianity.

      Mean-ness. That’s all you’ve got as a way to attack those who would point out the lies you so clearly are determined to believe in……you’re just an info-thug. If I didn’t hold you in so much contempt, I would pity you….

      There’s a special circle of hell for people like you……on the other hand, they may have to invent a new one.

    • Sharon Priest-Nagata said:

      Easy now! no need to attack and counterattack is there?? We are each important, every one of us matters. We just need to consider our motivation when we write something publicly. The blog world is wild and free and lots of fun but people get hurt! I think it’s great what Kai’s doing, but I don’t think everyone in the country has to agree with him or his views. He’s not perfect either, but he’s woken up to his life and how precious is the time we spend as humans. What happens next will be important: will he overtax himself trying to do the “right thing” and satisfy us all, or will he find ways to balance the intellect, the physiology and the spirit??

      • Graham Stokes said:

        More than fair, Sharon. And I am in accord with the perspective of your closing questions.

  32. Jessi Sadell said:

    The need for change and truth seeking is not just found in journalists but it seems to have found a good foundation within you. Congrats on your life changing decision may it lead you where you need to go. I recently made my own life changing decisions and I have to say that despite things going slower than i had hoped they are going better than i feared. may the same be true for you. And at least you are making this choice when you are young and unencumbered by life’s baggage (or at least less of it) at the risk of sounding cheesy – Spread your wings and fly.

  33. Jack said:

    scf Says: ” … introspective people like you often swing to the right as they get older.”

    And often introspective, thoughtful people move progressively to the left as they experience the world.

  34. Frank said:

    Ninety-nine per-cent of what you said is true, but the other one per-cent is still important.
    I retired from the CBC 3 years ago…and can only say I wish I had had the opportunity to work with you.
    Best of luck.

  35. Rob McCabe said:

    I commend Mr. Nagata on his principles. Canada was once very well known for the integrity of its journalists and their support from the media establishments for their ability to give a concise and unbiased view of important issues for Canadian, as well as international public discernment. Most of the media has become nothing more than bread and circuses in order to entertain those with little or no attention spans. All driven by corporate greed and their push to convince us that life is better and only worth living, if we only had latest and greatest stuff; temporarily filling the emptiness by satiating consumers with everything new and improved. Hence, stalling the vast majority of the public from acting upon the most relevant problems the human race, indeed our entire planet face.
    The media as a whole and journalism especially have become nothing more than “Perception Management” tools to disguise and divert us from the misuse of our planet and its natural resources, as well as, ongoing political, economic and military malfeasance and its elimination of basic human rights worldwide. All for further corporate profiteering and its consolidation of power.

    • Sharon Priest-Nagata said:

      Thank you for this Mr. McCabe. I still like the original Matrix movie: take this pill and see it how it is but at least you’re living your real life, take that pill and go back to sleep, while the huge corporate machine feeds off your little individual spark of energy.

  36. People will read a 3,000 word essay – if it is well written. Aside from yours, I have not read one by any journalist in a long time. Suzuki junior? Obviously not intended as a compliment by the commentor, but that is a compliment.

  37. Andrea said:

    Dear Kai,
    I am so impressed with your insightful reflections on life as a personal journey as well as in the field you’ve been working in. You’re only 24 but full of wisdom! Speaking your truth is the most courageous and important thing you can do in this short lifetime. I have no doubt you will excel at your next venture and the world will be a better place for it. Please don’t stop writing, you obviously have a real talent there and it’s a pleasure to read it. Wishing you the best!

  38. Kai, IF you have not read it already, pick up a copy of Joseph Campbell’s “Hero with a Thousand Faces”. Or if you want a quick primer see http://tinyurl.com/yenxx2a . A collected wisdom of Humanity, it is easy to think of as a “story”, but it relates directly to the experience of Life. You have already started the “Journey as Hero”.
    Campbell will give you signposts to help you understand your journey. When you are ready, Canada will have great need of your integrity and strength of character.

    • Sharon Priest-Nagata said:

      exactly, and we are all on our own hero’s journey. It’s so great to see young people speaking eloquently and making courageous decisions, but each one of us can do our version of the same, at any stage of our lives. If we do have spirits, many of them have been squashed, or even practically severed: time to reclaim our wholeness, whether that means turning away from material rewards, going on a vision quest, or just living quiet lives being kind to one another and saying “no” to what doesn’t feel right

      • Graham Stokes said:

        Again, agreed.

  39. Just read that manifesto on Rabble.ca. You have made a powerful statement, in action as well as in words. In a country like ours in which so many of the things so many of us value are being dismantled, so-called objectivity is harder and harder to even feign, let alone truthfully maintain.

    You are an intelligent young man with talents and a conscience. There are many, many things you can do to contribute to this country in a positive way and in accordance with what you think is right.

    I wish you the best.

  40. Maureen M said:

    I wish you luck, but I suspect that one of the things you might find if your mind is truly open, is that being conservative on fiscal matters and liberal on social matters does not work, because it is the social matters that are bleeding governments and individuals dry!! And it is a vain attempt to create a social paradise. A dirty little secret from the files of most social programs is that, once evaluated, the programs actually demonstrate very little impact but have done so at a great cost – but the solutions always seems to be to spend more money. What a surprise!!!

    I would also hope that you spend a fair amount of your time on understanding science (an area that journalists have no real knowledge of) – try starting with understanding numbers so that you can actually interpret the vast array of data and information that science produces. I have yet to find a journalist who can actually read a study, summarize it and present the key points to an audience. I once taught basic statistics to a class of journalism students – I wanted to poke my eyes out at the end of it!!! They were not interested in learning, could care less, and had no intention of applying any of the basic tips I provided them with.

    Again good luck!!

  41. Medwards said:

    Thank you so much for doing this.
    I suspect many who have been around power and have observed the relationship between it and the media have wanted to do what you have done but have let the opportunity slip away justified by the silence around us.
    Perhaps you have started something that will encourage others of like mind. More independent, Canadian voices are desperately needed & if someone at the beginning of their career sees that, then I’m hopeful for our future. Thank you again

  42. Kai, you have given us much to think about in such a short time; that in itself is an accomplishment and a testament to your ability to communicate what is important.

    I appreciate your metaphors associated with water, the river, the well – indeed, it seems you have tapped into a stream which both resonates with what you have to say, and which will carry you forward. Though the river cannot be pushed, one can flow with it in marvelous ways. For those who are mindful Budo and the Zen teachings are a boon on the way.

    We so need a national discussion which is values-based (integrity, compassion, human needs, child honouring), and focuses on public life and policy, and the role of journalism in an increasingly technologically centric society where economic and market imperatives seem to have become determining criteria, the benchmarks if you will, for all else. That this state of being is ultimately alienating, divisive, and unable to cope with the relational needs we have to live in thriving communities where we are valued for who we are, seems to me to go without saying. Except, it needs to be said.

    I won’t presume to suggest where you should go with this amazing journey you’ve begun, other than to say what you already know – and that is to be faithful to the process. Many people, myself included, will follow your writings – and whatever they may lead to – with interest and appreciation.

    Your words reflect integrity and wisdom – thank you indeed.


  43. DaynaD said:

    You tell a story that many more people need to hear and whether we all agree with your insights, rationales, thoughts and opinions or not is beside the point, your “spring” of consiousness has become the headwater to tributaries of very important and relevant conversations. I can’t wait to hear how these conversations evolve, and to participate myself – even in my own small way.

    Best of luck to you, brave soul. In an odd way, (odd because I am not a journalist or writer), your blog has helped to validate my own difficult and very personal decision to step back from a rewarding career last year. You are becoming an inspiration to me, and I look forward to following your journey, as you continue to follow your truth

  44. poshbirdgabi said:

    I am so very impressed with your commitment to critical thought and your courage. Kudos!

  45. Malovich said:

    Kai, would you like to speak to someone formerly from, say, the NRC or something?

  46. 3000 almost wasn’t enough, and I just woke up barely a half hour ago with only a cold cup of yesterday’s coffee and no breakfast yet. WRITE MORE.

    Introspection is cool, but I am especially interested in your unique, and privileged, and commercial experiences which many people might not understand or have access to that kind of information. Media is a giant in the states, and controls nearly everything. Is it like that in Canada?

    • Sharon Priest-Nagata said:

      I would say American media has a huge influence on everyday Canadian life

  47. Skookum1 said:

    Kai: I’ll save any further political comments for later after I’ve read all the rest, other than to note the defamation and insults you’ve experienced are becoming stockv-in-trade of the so-called “right” in Canada ( who are all “wrong”, in soul and fact), and calling your testament of personal truth a “left-wing rant” shows how far the intellectual level of the right has sunk….”rant” is often used in Wikipedia debates to deride people who make sense, or write in longer-than-point-form, and typically are right-wing in action, often professed as such, often in denial about who they are; I was a major editor there for years, finally quit in frustration and anger during the recent election campaign (actually I was blocked, but got myself that way deliberately) because it was being so easily used by the Harperite agenda, and so many of its “unpaid contributors” are clearly political/corporate p.r. hacks….

    That wasn’t my intended post, just by way of introduction, really….

    What I wanted to say about you crossing into the United States were two things:

    1) Watch your back. And don’t shut up, and keep enough of us aware of where you are, privately if not publicly. Think Karen Silkwood, and don’t put it past the “enemies of freedom” in Canada to have you stalked and make it look like something that happens to you was random crime. This is not the world that it was. I remember one American journalist/speaker on NPR years ago who talked about all of the US “conspiracies” so-called (which is how facts are regularly derided by rightist propagandists/insulters – as “conspiracy theories)….he said that he knew he had to be as vocal, and visible, as possible, in order for him to survive, that if he wasn’t, he would be easy to dispose of and silence. Watch for lights following you at night, don’t pre-book hotels or motels….and, when possible, speak to independent media people and get them to hear your story, get airtime in the US about the failure of democracy in Canada and the growth of its police state and mounting militarism. The left down there still think we’re “the nice country”, something to aspire to…..when you have the energy, you can help take down that myth with a sledgehammer. As we all should. Watch your back my friend, not in fear, but with wisdom……which you seem to have aplenty but don’t think being on a hiatus or sabbatical of sorts means that they’ve turned off their guns. They’ll be looking for you now, and will do whatever they can to discredit you. Or silence you outright.

    2) You didn’t say where you were crossing into the US, only that you were heading west; I’m imaging this was at Detroit or maybe the Sault. For peace, tranquility, vision, solace, I recommend I-80 which will take you through the Badlands and the Black Hills, see out the Wind River Range and the Bighorn Range, which are less trafficked than Yellowstone and twice as beautiful. Read Black Elk Speaks if you can find it (John C. Neihardt) and it wouldn’t hurt to read Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee also, by Dee Brown, if you haven’t already. Not for political advocacy reasons, more as a guidebook to the regions you’ll be going through. Wyomingites (Wyomingians?) are kinda crazy people, but not shallow in the slightest, but there’s so many wide open spaces there you can always be alone, and in safety…..as the son of a Buddhist you may find Boulder interesting, but it’s the high country of Colorado that’s truly where the name “Cosmic Colorado” comes from. Sure, there’s a lot of rich-people ghettos like Aspen and Telluride, but even they have more conscience and culture than the whole of some Canadian provinces……Idaho: Craters of the Moon National Monument, and the Snake River Gorge, Washington: the Palouse and the lea of the Cascades, and the Hoh River National Forest on the Olympic Peninsula….Nevada, the Black Rock Desert where Burning Man is held, Oregon, Crater Lake (a tourist trap, but still breathtaking), and the Owyhee Canyon (near the Utah border – Owyhee is an old spelling for Hawaii, and is named for the Hawaiian workers of the Hudson’s Bay Company).

    I’m just rattling off places that are off the beaten track, or not much visited, or just starkly beautiful and rather mystical (without too many psycho hippie-flakes hanging out like you’d find at Roswell NM or Four Corners or Shasta or UFO groupies like near Area 51 in Utah). The thing about the American West is that there are roads nearly everywhere, traversing stunning country, not walled in like BC’s narrow valleys or too-wide-open like the Prairies…and despite the negative reputation Canadians like to diss the US with, Americans are very warm, genuine individuals, and their small towns can be very, very hospitable.

    Lastly, remember that Joyce had to live in Geneva to write “Dubliners”, to give him distance from the subject matter, and its antipathy to who he was becoming.

    and if I knew how to reach you, I’d try and set you up with Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert or Amy Goodman for an interview….Americans have to hear your story. They have to hear all our stories; and their journalists, other than Fox News-ites, won’t cut you down with petty insults, they’ll listen……..

    It’s not until the rest of the world knows what a dangerous place Canada is becoming, politically, that our own media will be forced to begin telling the truth, and stop being such a bunch of control freaks……

    • Maureen M said:

      Stock in trade of the right? Only because we learned so well at the hands of the left – want to shut down debate?- call someone a racist? And on and on and on.

      But I am hopeful that you might be able to move beyond that – but to do so you will have to move away from your friends and colleagues, because I suspect they hold many of the same views as yourself.

      And at 24 years of age, maybe you should try working at jobs that require hard physical labour and watch your paycheque disappear with all the taxes and other deductions that governments in their wisdom thinking that they know better than the rest of us how to spend our money!! That might be an experience worth writing about.

      • Nobody does it better then the right. Tea Party ring a bell? How about running attack ads against the other leaders for 3 months _before_ an election was called? As for ‘racist’ how about “coalition/” Nobody but Harper was talking Coalition. Politics of fear and lies. The “Harper government” does it better then anyone.

    • e. Hamilton said:

      A little paranoid are we not, Skookum?

    • This was a great post – I loved the reference to Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. A book that should be required for all Americans.

    • stan said:

      You are right about being careful Skookum. It is not not being paranoid, but realistic and knowing what the bastards ruling the world are able to do!!!

  48. Dear Kai: Much resonance with your thoughts and feelings. At the age of 24 I quit what was a promising career in one of the largest film post-production facilities in Toronto because of similar concerns and a need to do something with my life which I felt gave it real value. It was a difficult and terrifying decision.

    Five years after that I had obtained a degree in music from Concordia university, even though I had never studied music formally before I quit the film career.

    Two years after that i was living and working in an artist retreat center in the Berkshire mountains, meeting thousands of creative, adventurous people from around the world.

    Two years after that i was living in Montreal’s Little Burgundy neighbourhood, teaching music and rooftop gardening skills to at-risk black youth who had fallen through the cracks. At the moment I’m half way through a masters’ degree in New Mexico in a field called Art & Ecology – using art as a tool in responding to climate change and the destruction of our land bases.

    It’s still a difficult and challenging path – however it has given me a depth of meaning and fulfillment which I simply never would have imagined was possible before I changed paths. I have no doubts that you will find what you are searching for, it sounds like you know exactly what is important in this world.

    Also if you need a good read on your trip, this is one of the books I often return to when I need a reminder of what it’s all about:


    enjoy your new life

    – cg

  49. lablogdorossie said:

    godspeed buddy.

    • Sharon Priest-Nagata said:

      thank you

  50. Michael Gazetas said:

    Hi Kai…

    Found your story on the Tyee here in B.C. Just a quick comment. Check out Adham Shaikh new album – Universal Frequencies. There is a track on it called – Water Prayer… I’m sure that you will enjoy the track, and hopefully the whole album.

    I’m a filmmaker here in BC, and my wife and I are also going through a similar transition from after cutting ties to the corporate godhead. My favourite quote these days is a anon saying my wife found for me on a card.

    “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”

    Good fortune and keep making sure the truth of your observations are never buried under contracts or obfuscation.

    Thanks for sharing in your blog….well done.

    • Sharon Priest-Nagata said:

      thank you Michael, blessings on your journey too

  51. stavroula said:

    Thanks, really enjoyed reading your words. Am on a similiar journey myself. And there are many of out there who feel the same way. Wishing you all the best.

  52. If I were Leonord Cohen I’d write a song for you. Let me know if you ever want to run for office. I’ll try to help.

  53. isjustian said:

    I am twice your age and an electrical contractor. The parallels where you are and where I am are wonderful. What I’m doing is less abrupt due to realities of mortgage, kids, etc, but I am working on shutting down the electrical business to pursue different paths. Trying to ‘be the change I want to see’ for what seems to be very much the same reasons you quit your job. Reading your blog I think “OK, there’s another one”. Maybe I’m not crazy and maybe there are more and maybe, especially with ones who communicate as eloquently as you, maybe there’s hope!

  54. Arthur Murgatroyd said:

    Does FOX NEWS need a correspondent in Quebec?

    Or would you consider relocating?

  55. Great post. Congrats, and welcome to the other side. Feels good to breath, doesn’t it? If you haven’t had a opportunity to read, “When Corporations Rule the World,” then here’s a link to some of the contents. Page 21 is all about the news business. Korten really nails it. http://books.google.com/books?id=G738BK-Ur-kC&pg=PA15&lpg=PA15&dq=he+who+owns+the+press+rules+the+world&source=bl&ots=Uvq0ruhEYy&sig=sKSAkah2vIvNFyEsY1Fb_2ahn4A&hl=en&ei=k9MZTu2uO6rYiAK7jpHSBQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=6&ved=0CDgQ6AEwBTgK#v=onepage&q&f=false

  56. Crossing the Water…..Eve Goldberg (my friend)

    the discussion of water in our lives and in metaphors brings very powerful images and emotions.

    I am one of those you spoke about ….older fixed income, living in an small tourist town on Vancouver Island..thankful several of my esteemed friends in Ottawa posted your essay to Facebook. I am waiting until your rest is complete to hear more of your journey to find your passion.
    Just a hint that snow capped mountains and the scent of sea air works for me….all the best

  57. Kai

    Politically, right or left doesn’t seem to matter. We, as a whole, seem to be careening off in a scary new direction. The morals and values we once held dear have been left behind, and overstuffed purses, greed, and desires seem to have taken their place.

    On several occasions, I’ve caught myself screaming for Canadians to wake up, take a stand, and fight for the rights they were born with. But it seems, everyone is so busy with their own lives and trying to make ends meet that the actions of the government are almost like baseball scores on the nightly news — something to hear and forget seconds later.

    Canadians have become disenchanted with their leadership. Regardless who they vote for, it seems like the only sure things are lies, personal gain, and a lack of common sense. This isn’t the most disheartening, however.

    For me, the saddest societal trait is the sheer number of people have no idea how the political process works. And when they hear someone say something, they applaud wildly and automatically take it as truth. They fail to investigate and have no idea what the real facts are. Many people have absolutely no idea what’s going on in the world today (even with TVs in every room, and computers, and phones…) and have no interest in finding out. They simply vote one way or the other ‘because their family has always voted that way.’ I shudder to think of the world they’ll find themselves in if things continue.

    I dislike the idea of sticking my nose into politics, but I can’t stand idly by with my mouth shut, and not say anything. I’ve written many a letter (public and private) chastising and speaking out against our various representatives.

    While I’ve never been censored to the extent you have in your job, I can fully relate to the feeling of being caught in a gilded cage. That small prison is pretty, and may have everything the world thinks you want inside it, but the primal urge to be free is unyielding.

    The need to explore the world you’ve caught glimpses of is a terrifyingly exciting thing. Having no boundaries is as scary as realizing you’re trapped in a cage. I’m glad you’ve chosen to try it.

    Who knows? You may find yourself back in journalism some day, but even if you do, you’ll be a better journalist, individual, and member of society because of your experiences and enlightenment.

    Regardless where the world take you, I send my deepest well wishes and congratulations.

  58. Jason M said:

    I’m not sure why you thought your progressive viewpoint needed another advocate; take a look around. There are plenty of advocates.

    Now, you have given up your chance to change the news system from the inside. You’ve simply joined the infantry. I think it was a mistake, if your goal is change.

    • Rob said:

      Agreed. Perhaps under ‘deep cover’ you could have gathered more specific stories/evidence of the corporatization of our proto-democratic institutions and practices; if not optimistically trying to change things from the inside.

      Then again, only you know what path you have decided to embark on. And, after all, it is your path…

  59. brilliant. thank you so much for this post and the last. i would hope to see you in politics one day (though i wonder if those with the sensitivity to be true to themselves and pursue what them deem as ‘good’ and ‘true’ have the callousness needed to enter politics?). i agree whole heartedly with many of your perceptions of where this country is going. this is the first year i have studied and researched political parties and it has been entirely in protest to the Conservative government (this is a terrible thing to say, but upon a recent reflection of the Cons, i concluded that if i came upon a drowning Mr. Harper, i would hesitate for thirty seconds of inward debate before saving him! in the end, i’d save him, of course (i think..) but not without hesitation. and perhaps deal making, like “i’ll save you if you resign as PM”). i find all that i can do for now is continue to daily follow the newsfeeds of groups that align with my personal/political philosophies, sign many petitions and send many letters to MPs and so on. i hope, hope, HOPE that the rest of Canada will be spurred on to do something of the same; that they continue to hold up “stop Harper” signs in the House of Commons on national television, quit their cushy media jobs, stand up and let others know what Canada SHOULD be about.

  60. The whole of the UK is going through a similar realisation at the moment

  61. loki said:

    Well I will agree with you on one thing and that is not watching TV which I haven’t done for years now. The most hilarious part of your essay was how the Harper government was “anti-science”. Obviously you know nothing about science. Science doesn’t get done by concensus – science involves the making of predictions and discarding hypotheses that fail in that regard. CAGW is more of a religion than science as nothing can dissuade its adherents to change despite 10 years of no warming, sea levels stubbornly refusing to budge and evidence of massive fraud in the climate “science” establishment. CO2 levels have been rising for those 10 years. We were in a natural warming cycle and the trend now is for potentially a new Maudner minimum – the “green” agenda will result in billions of deaths from cold and starvation if it were to be followed and the earth cools.

    Being in the MSM, it doesn’t surprise me that you’ve never heard of climategate or looked into it. Stephen Harper has policies that are based on real science. The primary threat to western civilization is from the totalitarian system being implemented by watermelons.

    I suggest that you actually learn some science by taking some science courses (you’ve got time to do this now) before making comments that can be so easily shot down. Head over to http://wattsupwiththat.com/ to learn from the expertise on that site.

      • Jennifer said:

        “Lolz” is a breathtaking takedown of what seemed, only moments ago, to be a well expressed and evidence-packed argument. An intellectual tour-de-force, Nelson. Your parents and teachers and houseplants must be so very, very proud.

        Hey, here’s another good blog: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/author/jamesdelingpole/

        • I love being sandwiched between two spammers. It’s like a warm hug.

          • Jennifer said:

            You don’t know what a spammer is, do you, Nelson?

      • Donald Ryner said:

        “When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many colours, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the “Warriors of the Rainbow”.
        – Old Native American Prophecy

        Does this not sound like our society, our present state and condition? This quote calls to mind the awakening of our global consciousness as we abandon our love of nationalism in favour of our love for humankind. We must cause our thoughts to reach the plane of action as the power of thought is dependent on its manifestation in deeds. It is time to stand up and be a “Warrior of the Rainbow”, a time to forget our aversions and prejudices and be the cause of unity in our communities.

    • I must say, Kai, your essay has attracted a lot of interesting characters. Including touching off long-winded pseudo-science geeks (and it seems, their groupies) in service of the status quo. The classic tactic of focusing only on one control variable to try and discredit decades of worldwide scientific research, discovery and peer-reviewed consensus, all the while ignoring all the other aspects associated with climate science, namely, the other pollutants that not only contribute to climate change, but also to poisoning our various ecosystems.

      I’ll bet Jennifer is cute, though.

      • Jennifer said:

        A “control variable” remains constant (because it is being controlled to do so); if you’re talking about CO2, and I think you must be with your tying in to unspecified “other pollutants”, well the point being made above involves acknowledging that CO2 levels have not remained constant over the last decade. What have remained constant are ocean levels and temperatures (at least, there has been no warming). Their failure to do what the climate scientists predicted they would do cast serious doubt on the global warming theory.

        And the “status quo” involves Al Gore’s movie being shown to every kid in grade school. It’s pure environmentalist propaganda.

        And again with the “extraneous material”, how did you jump to “poisoning our various ecosystems”? That may or may not be happening but it’s not the subject under discussion.

        (And if I were inclined to get offended by this kind of nonsense, which I’m not, I might reflect on the sexism to which “progressive” men seem so prone. It’s a tad… off-putting, when a guy you’ll never meet but with whom your “relationship”, such as it is, is entirely hostile randomly speculates about your looks.)

        • You’re making a lot of assumptions about me. I like that. It’s almost like you care.

          As for the ‘sexist’ comment, you seem perturbed enough to pass comment though. For all I know, you’re just another guy, possibly even this loki dude, posing with a woman’s name to flood some person’s blog. But I’ll cop to it being inappropriate. I sincerely apologize.

          As for the control variable I’m referring to, it’s not CO2, but the continuous use of fossil fuels.

          However, pertaining to your assertion that global surface and water temperatures have remained constant, weeeeelll…. the folks at NASA:

          don’t agree with you. I think I’d rather take their word for it than yours.

          Finally, I don’t find the continuous externalities of other pollutants like dioxins, sulfuric compounds, methane, carbon monoxide, the leacheate from plastics, etc to be ‘extraneous’. but perhaps it is for someone focused on debunking a global consensus because they want to keep the oil sands going.

          It’s been fun, ‘ Jennifer’. Good luck.

          • MapleLeaf said:


            Thanks for setting the record straight. A great site for science based facts and information on AGW is:


            Give it a try, it is especially useful for debunking BS (bad science) put forward by people like Jennifer and loki .

          • RichardEdward said:

            Can’t we just be friends?

      • loki said:

        Nelson T I LOL when I saw myself cast “in the service of the status quo”. I don’t know if you’ve looked at government policies around the world lately, but the status quo is belief in AGW and politicians salivating at the amount of tax revenue they can potentially generate with carbon taxes.

        I’ll say it again, as it didn’t seem to sink in the first time, science doesn’t operate by consensus. I do recall a consensus position of the American Psychiatric Association in the 1960’s that homosexuality was a mental disorder and thus could be treated involuntarily. I’m sure all of the literature on this topic was peer reviewed also.

        In the papers that I’ve published I found that if the results agreed with past work of one of the peer reviewers the paper would sail through; if it had results which were either novel or experimental methodology was non-standard there would be endless rounds of requests to clarify a section or to do more experiments. Advances in science are made by thinking outside the conventional box and I don’t care if 99% of scientists disagree with a particular theory; I only care if nature seems to agree with it. The climategate emails revealed a conspiracy to prevent certain research findings being published in the climate literature if they disagreed with “the team”. Fortunately there’s the internet now and crowd-sourced peer review which analyzed the climategate emails in record time as well as the very buggy FORTRAN code for calculating global temperatures.

        What pollutants are contributing to climate change? Would this be the SO2 and pulverized magma injected into the stratosphere from volcanoes? Nature is very adaptable and one organisms pollutant is another organisms food. Of course there’s all of that Hg released into the environment from government mandated CFL’s. I guess no-one in Canada thought about the “waste heat” from incandescent lamps needing to be replaced with other heat sources during a Canadian winter thus making absolutely no net difference in CO2 emissions but making GE’s China based companies much richer.

    • Okay Loki, _you_ say the Harper regime is not “anti-science.” I beg to differ. Here are some FACTS:
      Mr Harper’s Minister of State for Science and Technology, Gary Goodyear, is an evangelical Christian. Asked if he believed in evolution, Goodyear replied: “I’m not going to answer that question. I am a Christian, and I don’t think anybody asking a question about my religion is appropriate.” So, the guy who is running the Science an State ministries doesn’t believe in evolution, but the Harper Regime is NOT anti-science? What are you smoking?

      The Harper regime has cut funding: to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research,the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council to the tune of $113 million. Roughly a third of their operating budget. Canada’s most prestigious policy research foundation; The Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN) described its mission this way: “…to create knowledge and lead public dialogue and discussion on social and economic issues important to the well-being of all Canadians” had it’s funding completely removed forcing them to shut down. President Obama
      is pumping billions of dollars into the same research areas that Mr Harper is gutting because they don’t agree with his Evangelical Christian viewpoint any more then they agreed with his “Minister” of State and Science’s beliefs.
      Of course, this is from a guy who denies Global Warming is possible. The Harper regime does not support Kyoto.
      “Kyoto is essentially a socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations.” -Steven Harper, Jan, 2007

      So tell me again how the Harper Regime is _not_ anti-science.

    • Jaybird said:

      “Stephen Harper has policies that are based on real science.”

      HIGH-lariously funny. ROFLMAO-type funny. LOLZ³ funny.

      Obviously noeloneagain, you are an unrecognized genius at satire.

      Stephen Harper is nothing more or less than a born-again fundamentalist Christian zealot (something right-wing apologists keep trying to suppress) cast in precisely the same mould as Stockwell “Man-walked- with-dinosaurs-when-Earth-was-created-6,000-years-ago” Day.

      He just presents publicly in a >marginally< better manner, which is how he ended up with a majority government after receiving only 25% of the possible number of total votes in this country.

      • Jaybird said:

        Sorry Noel – a thousand apologies – I misread who wrote the original comment. It was loki I should have been addressing my comments to, not you. Your take on things was right on, IMHO! Cheers & once again, my bad!

    • Anon said:

      Try working within the federal government, in Department’s that are 80% science-based and then maybe you’ll be less ignorant, commenter. The Federal government has a whole LOT to do with science, and being dumb enough to think otherwise is daft

      • You mean the one’s that still exist, that have had funding and staffing gutted? Face it, the Harper Regime is trying to force this country into a crises, so come the next election, ‘their’ policies will be the only ‘appropriate’ ones. It’s a simple plan of social erosion. Every ‘benefit’ that we as Canadians have gotten over the last half century are being stripped away. Social Services, Public services, Public Health, are all being drastically underfunded. “We need to cut expenses.” Meanwhile, the Harper Regime _still_ gives tax breaks to corporations.

  62. Thanks for your writing. it reminds me a lot of a film I only recently saw called “I am”. Very well spoken. And yes there are people who still read 3000 word essays. 🙂

  63. ck said:

    all the best! I look forward to reading more about your journey! I will add your page to my blogroll.

  64. Cem said:

    Good man! Any person with integrity ought to do the same thing. Independent media is the answer, I guess… slow, uphill battle, but every step solid and assured. Whatever you choose to do, don’t go back in there… start your own thing or join an entity, which encourages you to think for yourself. Choose independent media over corporate media, co-operatives over corporate juggernauts… self sustenance AND solidarity are key.
    Keep on keepin’ on, Kai!
    Cem Zafir
    (disgruntled mailman and burned out music presenter)

  65. Good decision Kai. Did the same thing myself nearly 20 years ago for very similar reasons. Smartest thing I ever did (aside from getting married to the right woman).

    Best of luck on your journey.

    Stephen Leahy
    International Environmental Journalist

  66. We inspire students globally to think, connect, create and share — using technology to help them dissolve boundaries, fulfill their potential, and create a better society.

    Will you begin to share with others?

  67. J.E.S.R said:

    Kai, I read your essay and while I respect your convictions, I feel that you have abandoned the change that you profess to be trying to make. My wife is a reporter of a few years, and she is fighting all the time to broadcast the “Social conscience” that lacks in today’s newsrooms. We need more like you, but in the newsrooms showing us what objectivity is, not making them public to feel better about yourselves. This might be a bit harsh, but it is an honest opinion. I wish you the best, and I wish that you had weighed in the consequences of your actions, much more carefully.

  68. Glenna Miles said:

    Loki says,”Stephen Harper has policies that are based on real science.” OMG! Sure…and the Rapture is real…warplanes are for peaceful purposes, politicians don’t lie, newspapers and TV tell the truth and corporate tax cuts good for Canadians…I could go on. It’s enough to make anyone want to hit the road. Run…Kai…run.

    • loki said:

      His policies regarding CAGW are based on science. Canadians have been instrumental in revealing the shoddy “science” underpinning the “hockey stick”. Steve McIntyre demolished Mann’s statistics and details of McIntyre’s destruction of shoddy “climate science” can be found at his site at http://climateaudit.org/.

      Everything you’ve mentioned has nothing to do with climatology. I don’t watch TV or read newspapers because I have no intention of wasting my time on lies propogated by the MSM. And yes, corporate tax cuts are good as this means companies can expand and increase employment. The best thing that could happen to this country is to cut the size of government by 50%. We’re overtaxed in this country and expect things to get much much worse if the watermelons somehow manage to gain control.

      • Holly Stick said:

        Only if you think creationism is science. The current government are anti-science fools who are afraid to face reality.

        Mann’s science is good and he is respected by real scientists. Mcintyre’s claims are not credible. See what the real climate scientists have to say: http://www.realclimate.org/

        Harper is PM at the worst possible time, selling us out to foreign energy corporations when we need to work to reduce GHG emissions as much as possible and prepare for the effects of the climate change which is happening now.

        • loki said:

          Again, bringing up extraneous material. I never once mentioned creationism nor is creationism of any relevance to the topic of climate change. WRT to Mann, have you read any of his papers? Are you aware that statisticians agree with McIntyre? Also it was quite a trick for Mann to eliminate the medieval warm period. Curious how the vikings managed to farm in Greenland and call Newfoundland “vineland”. What caused the MWP – buffalo farts from the huge herds in N. America? Then we come to the little matter of the Maudner minimum which is associated with a very quiet sun which we now have. Kind of hard to live in Canada when the UN is stating we have to cut our energy use by more than 75%. Kind of hard to stay warm under those constraints. Also, wind doesn’t blow on really cold winter days as the Brits discovered last winter.

          I have news for you, the climate is always changing and will continue to change. It’s a chaotic system; bounded chaos but chaos was first discovered in weather prediction. That’s why it’s impossible to predict the weather 3-5 days in advan e. And the CRU modellers tell us they know what the weather will be like a century hence. We’re only 12,000 years past an ice age and the prevailing pattern for the last few million years has been for Canada to be covered in ice most of the time.

          When you mention “respect” in science it shows how little you know about the history of science. Semmelweis was uniformly condemned for his use of chlorine water to eliminate the “smell of death” in the maternity hospital he worked in. No matter that he reduced the mortality rate from 80% to about 20% — he was viewed as a crackpot by most other physicians. He also happened to be right. Pasteur’s germ theory of disease was dismissed by the “experts” of the time as it seemed preposterous and Pasteur wasn’t a physician. All it takes to demolish a scientific theory is one strong counterexample. CAGW has no predictions that have come true. CO2 is plant food, not a pollutant. And, BTW, the primary greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is H2O – are you going to ban transpiration from plants?

          We do need to get away from oil in the long term and nuclear is the best short term solution. Once low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) start producing more energy than is fed into them then they will be the predominant energy source. I happen to like birds and so am against windmills and would much rather have a nuclear polant next door to me than a windmill. I hope to have a LENR generator in my basement in my lifetime. We didn’t stop using wind power because we ran out of wind – it is a very low density energy source. I suggest heading over to Roy Spencer’s blog to see some simply presented basic material on climatology.

          I should note that I used to believe in CO2 causing global warming until I looked at the science and it simply didn’t add up. Lots of people have come to the same conclusion so I suggest do some reading and get into the science. That is unless you’re viewing CAGW as a religion in which case no amount of proof will make a difference.

          • Holly Stick said:

            Your information all comes from dishonest denialist blogs. Your opinions are not credible. Open your eyes and look at the effects of climate change now, floods, heat waves, droughts and fires in Australia, China, Russia, the US and Africa. Not the usual change in weather.

            • loki said:

              And droughts. forest fires, floods and heat waves never happened in the past? The warmest recorded years in N. America were in the 1930’s during the dust-bowl era. We haven’t matched those yet. Climate changes on all time scales constantly; that’s the nature of a chaotic system. Hurst discovered the fractal nature of river flows in the mid 1900’s in studying the Nile river floods. Google Hurst exponent to find out how climate really changes and it’s quite different than the idealized never-changing idyllic pre-industrial climate that people seem to want to get back to.

              Most of my information I get from reading papers in scientific journals that may be referenced on various blogs but I always go to the source to assess the credibility of the research. I prefer papers that do actual measurements of phenomena rather than assuming that primitive computer models can model a system as complex as climate. When facts change I change my opinion – do you?

            • PeterW said:

              Notice how loki mentions “The warmest recorded years in N. America”. Now why wouldn’t he talk about the whole world?

              This is actually a McIntyre (denier) talking point about the U.S. not North America. It was hot in the U.S. in 1934, third hottest behind 2006 and 1998.

              But why only mention the North America incorrectly? Because 1934 is only the 47th hottest year globally since modern temperature records began.

  69. Cory Ollikka said:

    To thine own self be true!
    For what it’s worth even after the massive feedback you’ve received, I applaud your choices and new path.
    I’m not surprised that you have far more people who agree with you than disagree with you (even the 38% of the 60-or-so% of voter turnout is likely over-stating the amount of those who would disagree with you). From my little organic beef farm in my little corner of rural Alberta, it’s nice to see real streams of consciousness wherever they manifest. I look forward to reading much more, even to chatting with you one day if our paths cross!
    Keep up the good work and have a safe trip!

  70. Gordon said:

    Bravo. Thank God for men & women with moral courage.

    How sad that so many talented Canadians sell themselves short and compromise conscience. Just as we were trained by society.

    You make a difference Kai – thank you.

  71. kishke said:

    A navel-gazing 24-year-old twerp quits his job to go find himself, and you sad losers are deeply inspired. Barf.

    • And here you are wasting time on us twerps.

    • Jacques L'Ours said:

      Behind the navel, some guts.
      I hope, kishke, that you have occasionally put it on the line in a similar manner.

  72. Kudos to you sir, for the strength and ‘gut’s to speak your mind and stick to your convictions. I for one, salute you. Good luck on your new path.

  73. Dave Sanderson said:

    Wow, what an amazingly self absorbed, gaseous spewage of drivel THAT was!

    How does a guy who doesn’t own a TV “know” that Fox News is biased? … I'[m guessing that your liberal fellow travelers told you that and you believed them.

    Suggestion – get out in the non-media, non-govt REAL world and earn a living doing work that does NOT involve ‘word-smithing’ for 2 full years, then re-read that tome and try not to pee your pants in embarrassment.

    Man up, lad, and quit being so whingly self-absorbed.

    • Jaybird said:

      I just love when people lash out due to nothing more than garden-variety ENVY.

  74. John said:

    Wonderful posts, and deeply inspiring. Consciousness is indeed a river, and your new quest will no doubt show you a lot about it.
    I feel weirdly compelled to offer my help, though that makes little sense rationally, and will look downright crazy once it’s posted here…
    But there it is. Of course, you have my address.
    Best of luck, and happy sailing.

  75. Anne-Marie Schurman said:

    Thank you – take care! Write more.

  76. John said:

    Quick follow-up to my comment. As I scroll through a few other bits of wisdom that have been sent your way, I see some angry, angry people…. and it’s a fair bet they’re deeply frustrated in their current life-situations.

    Pay them no mind. At a level they will *never* verbalize, they’re simply jealous.

  77. I admire you (anyone really) for taking a stand for what they believe is right. I am relieved that your beliefs are sane and rational (as this is not often the case).

  78. marilou-garou said:

    Bravo pour le courage, merci pour le partage.
    Bonne route!

  79. Jeff said:

    hey, it might be too late, but if you’re passing through Cleveland (I-90) I’d love to buy you a cuppa coffee or a sandwich or something. I had a similar epiphany (or whatever we should call it) a few years ago myself, and can definitely relate. Good luck, Jeff.

  80. Jason said:

    Man, you’re such a narcissist. It’s exhausting.

  81. Just an Immigrant said:

    Hi, I am an immigrant who came to Canada some 6 years ago motivated by an ideal. I dreamed of a great country about which I’ve learned in the past, but to my dismay I realized that that Canada does not exist any longer. This country is increasingly becoming an entity driven by greed and cynicism. Thousands of high skilled immigrants are being brought here to become unemployed of burger flippers, militarism took the place of the peace missions Canada was so admired for, the Canadian political system and process is a tragicomedy – nothing really serious is discussed, and the candidate who is most skilled in the art of lying and personal attacks will inevitably win (does it say something about the character of many voters?) – and, with our new international policies characterized by lack of compassion and total disrespect for the environment we are sadly becoming the “Pariah of the Great North” among the community of nations, and last, but not the least, there is this unbelievable crusade against science and facts (eg. the killing of the long form census). So, it is with great satisfaction that I read your text. Only two things I’ve seen recently gave me some hope regarding a “Canadian Dream” that is rapidly fading in my mind. Both of them are stories of courageous and bold action amidst an apparently lethargic and self-defeated society: Yours and Brigette DePape’s. I can just wish that people like you two stimulate others to join some movement of national reflection and reaction so we can get out of this vast swamp of mediocrity and return to the right and glorious path that this Great Country deserves to thread. Thank you!

    • Anne-Marie said:

      Don’t lose hope that country still exists – we went to sleep for awhile but I think we are beginning to wake up now. Unfortunately it’s taking a nightmare to accomplish it!!

  82. Jace said:

    I just quit my job last month without anything lined up for inner reasons not completely different than yours. I recently got an offer and everyone is happy except me. I guess I’m still disillusioned… any advice?

  83. Steve Rukavina CBC Radio said:

    I don’t agree with everything you said, but I can’t argue against anyone following their heart, especially when they have to sacrifice something to do it.

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world…

  84. David@Montreal said:

    it will take people time to really appreciate the gift you have offered them. please be patient with them; in too many quarters ‘news’ is little more than entertainment, so many of the comments reflect individuals inability to recognize or real with humanity and real courage.
    i’ve just listened to you talking with Mike on CBC Montreal- another generous gift on your part. thank-you.

    you will not be forgotten
    your journey will be blessed every morning on a tiny street here in Montreal as you become one with the ‘river’ and find your true place in the Universe.

    i almost wished you ‘enjoy the ride’ but i sense you’ve embraced this already.



  85. Sudana said:

    Hello Kai,
    I found out about your decision for the first time this morning when I heard you interviewed (CBC radio – Daybreak Montreal). And I just finished reading your two posts (“A lot can happen…”, and “Why I quit…”). How uplifting! I applaud you for listening to, and following, your ethical and spiritual compass. Thank you for writing a well-written, insightful and informative essay. Best wishes on your journey. (P.S.: I emailed CBC radio and television several times about their relentless coverage of the vacuous Will and Kate show. Their — and other media’s — incessant drivel made me cringe.

  86. Anon said:

    Kai et al, this is a great read:

    An Economist Special Report on the News Industry
    Jul 9th 2011 The Economist

    The internet has turned the news industry upside down, making it more participatory, social, diverse and partisan—as it used to be before the arrival of the mass media, says Tom Standage

    In this special report:
    Bulletins from the future
    A little local difficulty
    Reinventing the newspaper
    The people formerly known as the audience
    Julian Assange and the new wave
    The Foxification of News
    Coming full circle
    Sources & acknowledgements

    http://www.economist.com/surveys/survey_paybarrier.cfm?issue=20110709&surveyCode=world (PDF)

    The Foxification of News

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  88. Unfortunat­ely we Canadians are trapped between the rock and the hard place…on one side, the Cons and their constant efforts to bring into practice American-s­tyle politics..­..and on the other, the need to keep this country together .­..it’s the sa­me for provincial politics in Quebec, it’s always choosing between the lesser of two evils…be­tween the PQ or the Liberals..­.which at the end are sort of the same thing..

    • Fight for Proportional Representation and you won’t _have_ to pick “the lesser of two evils.” Our electoral system is broken and needs to be fixed. PR is a good start.

  89. shayne o'neill said:

    finally, someone from the media with character and values and committment to their values.
    you have my utmost respect.Kai.

  90. Hi Kai,
    When you get around to engaging once more, feel free to look me up. I am working on building sustainable communities, one co-housing project at a time, currently in Montreal. It is my assessment that community is at the heart of all solutions to what ails us.
    Xavier Ajit

  91. A wonderful piece. I hope you can maintain the fight, speak the truth. And more importantly, I hope more Canadians will hear you, because what you say needs to be heard. I’m a little older than you but wish that the majority of people your age are like minded. Because if the younger group coming up is thinking along the lines as you then I know there will be people to help us older guys. thank you. good luck. God Bless.

  92. FL said:

    Thanks for your honesty Kai. I endured the same disappointment within my career development in the “image” industry. Myself, well I have learned a lot over the last five years listening to alternative radio shows, committing myself to learning as much as I could about the alternative positions that the media simply ignores.

    Hopefully you will have some time to listen to such radio shows too as they have inspired my self renewal, and career redirection
    as their intention is to reignite the spirit self preservation for the good of humanity. Their reports are based on little shared history and hosts take the time dissect current events based on the suppressed information. I take my ipod stereo wherever I go and listen to my daily download podcast mp3s…Even when I garden.

    Alan Watt’s “Cutting Through the Matrix”, Infowars.com, Rense.com, and other shows available on Genesis Communications Network, LenonHonor.com, Republic Broadcasting.org

    Best wishes!

  93. Paul said:

    Kai – thank you for being Canada’s Winston Smith. Truly a breath of fresh air. I hope you enjoy your break and return to something that makes a difference in our country. I think many people are waiting to be inspired.

  94. Sam Gunsch said:

    Kai’s take on conservative practices in shaping what citizens can know about public affairs is quite mild given what I’ve observed since 1987 here in AB. Here is just some of the latest…see below Arthur Kent’s story just out in the courts re: collaboration in AB’s media and conservative political circles.

    Overall situation in Alberta:
    Controversies reveal a ruling party intolerant of any dissent, former provincial Tory says. Sheila Pratt, edmontonjournal.com April 24, 2011

    Openly threatening reporter’s jobs in AB was a known practice in the 1990’s. Harper and crew would have observed how much intimidation could be practiced in various forms and how successful it could be in limiting critical coverage, without consequences.

    Demonizing the scary dominant left-wing press B.S. still delivers results.

    Sam Gunsch

    July 9, 2011
    Top Tories Outed By Martin To Be Sued
    by Arthur Kent
    A Calgary judge has granted leave to add three top Alberta Progressive Conservatives, including party president Bill Smith, as named defendants in the $8 million conspiracy and defamation lawsuit, Kent v. Don Martin, National Post et al.


    excerpt: The difference in Alberta is that virtually none of the province’s leaders in the fields of journalism and politics are openly discussing the PC party’s longstanding links with the Calgary Herald’s management and some of its journalists, and through them, the country-wide influence of the National Post and other Postmedia dailies.

    To the contrary, at least one of the defendants in this action is fervently seeking to keep the lid on6, as you will read in future postings here.

    Top Tories Outed By Martin To Be Sued
    by Arthur Kent
    A Calgary judge has granted leave to add three top Alberta Progressive Conservatives, including party president Bill Smith, as named defendants in the $8 million conspiracy and defamation lawsuit, Kent v. Don Martin, National Post et al.

    Two other newly named defendants, Rod Love and Alan Hallman, along with lawyer Kristine Robidoux, Q.C., were revealed by former National Post and Calgary Herald writer Don Martin as his anonymous sources for the article at issue in the action.

  95. Melissa Jackson said:

    Kai – your words and vision are an inspiration. Enjoy your rest, you deserve it. The road is freedom but it can sometimes get lonely. So if on your road you happen to come through Saskatchewan, my husband and I would love to offer you a place to stop and recharge. Feel free to email me for more information.

  96. Alex said:

    Thanks for speaking on behalf of our generation. As a fellow 20-something working to better our society in the aspects our parents are failing us on, stories like this are giving us an identity.

    Our parents’ narratives have branded us as dependent, apolitical, unambitious netphiles. There has been no explicit rebuttal because of a language disconnect. We care about those issues which are real for the future: the environment and good government. Stories like yours help explain us.

    Thanks again, and get in touch when you plan on hitting the ground.

  97. I turn 50 in September and share many of the same sentimnets as you so not certain that this is a generational thing. I am inspired by your words and actions and am looking forward to following you on your journey both literally and figuratively.

  98. When are you running for Prime Minister?:-) You could reinstate the ministry of culture. Please keep writing as Canada needs more sanity.

  99. S. Archer said:

    I felt as you did 20 years ago and walked away from broadcast journalism after working at the CBC, Canadian Press and Global. You’ve succeeded, and have not sold-out. Now get to work….. unlike 20 years ago, the tools now exist for you to satisfy a very true need for discussion and clarity in our beautiful but confused country. Good luck.

  100. Jacques L'Ours said:

    I wanted to share my Tyee comment with you. I don’t expect you have any recollection of me – we last spoke on Mayne Island when you were about seven, but your sister and my kid went to school together, etc.
    I have great admiration and respect for what you’ve done. There will be some negative repercussions, to be sure, but they will dwarf in comparison to the self-respect you will keep.

    the tyee stuff:
    It is news when someone

    It is news when someone tells the story as it is. While hilarious that someone might characterize his original posting with its varied descriptions, it is not surprising. Feathers are ruffled whenever someone correctly identifies the audience as what is being bought and sold in the dissemination of news..
    I have had a distant and passing awareness of this young man for most of his life – hadn’t given him a moment’s thought in several years, and hadn’t seen him on the tube (I watch way too much TV, but CTV gives me hives, so have never seen him at work).
    Kudos to him for having the courage to follow his conscience and his heart. He left at the right moment; it is implicit that once he would have reached a position of sufficient authority to wring some change he would have had the right stuff hammered right out of him.

    The question arises: Would another term of Paul Martin have seen a similar result Kai or did it take the extreme dissonance between the stated position and the reality represented by the current Conservative government to lance the boil. Pushing sixty and a policitical observer since my school grades were in single digits, I am still absolutely astounded at the continued and continous assaults on what I have come to see as reasonable conduct in Canadian political life. It is all to well documented for me or anyone else to have to illustrate the obvious.
    Kai Nagata has bailed at a time and with a stature that he should be able to carve an interesting, independent niche for himself, should he choose to stay in the business of news. If he opts for senior care, the raising of orchids or busking as a fire breather, those professions will likely be richer for his presence, and Vancouver’s East End has contributed a strong, independent voice to Canadian journalism.

  101. John Hryniuk said:

    you didn’t realize the job you were getting into before you took it? come on please.

  102. MJ Cass said:

    I just applied to journalism school, I am hoping it will be a second career for me that carries with it accountability, engagement and most importantly to me, the ability to contribute to “something”. Your words definitely do not “beautify” the reality of what I am choosing/hoping to do with my life – for I am as cynical as they come – but they encourage me to hold firm in my decision if for no other reason than to be the poor writer who gives a crap. Your words awaken and inspire. Thank you.

  103. People are thirsty indeed! I’ve come by to drink and I’m looking forward to the refreshment.

  104. Me said:

    Hello Kai:

    I should have caught you on TV before you left. As a Canadian-Palestinian-Lebanese person with very similar talents like yours, I always imagined I’d become a star, and just today, from the lands of the cedars where bullets and shawarma sandwiches unite, minus the humus, I realized that even with star-like qualities, I may find power outside the lime light.

    I lived in canada for over 14 years, went through the drills, excelled, found my talent and the rest was straight forward in similar rhythms to your life except I was an academic who got her MA and then decided to quit the nation of Canada. The reasons, at the time, were …. was, one: an instinct that I should return. Home.

    So I found me a prestigious teaching job at the most reputable universities here in lebanon and I packed my bags, quit the scholarship I had running for my PHD, said goodbye to friends and family, then headed to Lebanon. Where my mother is from. Just a few miles south is Palestine, where my father is from. So, I came looking for …. roots, for stories, for history, for me.

    Of many moments, what connects me to your story, Kai, is that I lie one phase ahead in the narrative: I am at the return phase. I have been here, in Lebanon, for three years now. In brief, I have known plenty. Spoken to plenty. Felt plenty. Thought plenty. And, moreso, hurt plenty. At least to realize that against all my wishes, I belong even less in/to Lebanon.

    Don’t get me wrong: this is a warzone, a place of conflict, a place of historical strife in whichever way you can imagine, ranging from politics to secterian identity to language to secularism to an Orientalist (still present and powerful as if a book by Bernard Lewis had come to life) mimicry of utmost dismay to me — a severe will in Lebanese/palestinian civil identity to modernize and travel to “civilized places” like amerika and kanata also known as American and Canada.

    The point I’m making is this: for me, reconnecting with family and friends here in Lebanon has been all but what I had expected. Just today, for example, my Palestinian family who lives in an olive orchard down south is willing to leave home.land and everything in between to work at a dollar store in California. For them, this is life. This is what they missed out on for 40 years. And i sit there, staring at the horizon, listening, listening. What can you say to that?

    While the lebanese youth best exemplified at the university I teach in are a narrative on their own. It is not unusual at all to hear from them the venomous hatred for a country that has failed them time and again, has left them to rot while it seeks its personal profit and gain as a nation built on factional/secterian/capitalist model. These youth feel betrayed, unemployed, trampled upon by their government, and they sleep at night with an eye to “the West” to save them from what may be termed pre-modern nothingness.

    As a cultural critic and activist, a writer and teacher, I have held so many moments of silence here. In contrast to my days in Canada growing as a intellectual and a culturalist, where my pen never seized to reach others. I have found my days in Lebanon to be filled with observation, listening, bonding and then breaking — and again, observing, listening, bonding and then breaking.

    I am lucky. In case this did not come through in all of the above, ( and I smile) I am lucky. But I’m also embarking something very very difficult. As arduous as the Arab spring, as dignified as your will to power yourself with a different set of experiences, as combative as a smile on a hard rough day.

    I wanted to write these few words. I hope your next phase in life is as tough as mine, you’ll be content. With hope.

    Best wishes.

  105. Andrew C said:

    Nice river analogy. Good luck!

  106. Tim L said:

    Well done.
    If, in your travels, you need a place to stay in Victoria, drop us a line. Bravery must needs be rewarded.

  107. s:s}|{ said:

    I’m not much older than you, counting myself on what might be called the front of our generation, but in those few years I’ve watched in shock, horror, and wonder at the dramatic crippling of this country’s media from within – and its resulting influence on our politics. Hearing your report of the experience is, in some sense, very relieving. Relieving that at least a few (hopefully many?) of those journalists – a profession I used to respect profoundly – are fully aware of their role in this very post-modernist cultural experiment of capital.

    That our generation and the one that follows so ignores the “News” as it is fed to us by various profit-minded entities has been cited variously as the indifference of youth, evidence of failing educational structures, a sign that Canada is becoming an ignorant and apathetic nation, and even the collapse of nationalism. I don’t think any of this is true.

    What is becoming more clear is that we are an angry and exasperated generation, waiting for the previous two/three to hurry up and leave. We don’t buy their b/s. We are difficult to advertise to, we ignore the grandiose claims of politicians, we laugh at truth-claims borne of ideology and equally laugh at the claim that truth claims are *necessarily* ideology. We may not each feel this way, nor all of it, but we all feel elements of it and it adds to the collective sentiment that we’re just not going to put up with the crap we’re being fed.

    What we want is vision. What we want is *real* leadership – not someone trying to sell us something. We want people to do things because they care, not because someone’s giving them a few bucks to do it. The economic collapse has raised deep questions about the ‘certainties’ of a world that depends on this thing called money – a thing that nobody can seem to define, or has completely lost track of the purpose for. We don’t care about money, we care about ideas.

    I don’t know where you’re headed, and you may feel path-less right now… but I can already assure you, you’re on the right path. Nothing is more important in life than what you’re doing right now, and I wish you well on it and on your travels out here to the west. Perhaps someday we will combine efforts in this fight that defines our generation.

  108. Gayle said:

    A light does not have to do anything but shine. You can then be an influence on more people than you know.

  109. Scott said:

    I followed your article with much vigour for one reason:


    A newsman has one overriding purpose: to inform the public on the news that matters to their lives.

    No matter what you do in life Mr. Nagata, be assured of one thing:

    You are a great newsman. I hope you can stay in an industry that deparately needs you help

  110. People will still read a 3000 words essay when it’s well written, when it’s honest and particularly when the author took time to write it.

    I’m a journalist, but a freelance. The kind that is often thought to be the “beginners way” or the “unfortunate ones”. But I chose to be a freelance to be free. Free of what I want to do and not do, free of the subjects I want to write about, free of refusing a gig because of my values. And it happened! In five years, I haven’t been so happy of being a “free journalist”, especially now.

    Hope you can find your way like I found mine at 25.

    You want to know more about freelancers, come to have beer with us in Montreal! http://www.ajiq.qc.ca

    • By the way… Bravo for your courage! It takes a lot of guts to shoot something like this. Hope it does some good in and around the journalism world!

  111. Christopher said:

    Well done – it’s a brave thing you’ve done.

    Instead of compromising yourself, you’ve helped make others
    aware of what is happening in the corporate media which is
    now simply a funnel for special interests.

    By drawing the line in the sand you’ve demonstrated a willingness
    to follow your heart which sometimes requires an uncomfortable
    leap of faith.

    Interestingly, the better path always emerges out of doing this and
    your action serves as a great example for others do the same.

    A couple of months without making any decisions about what the next
    plan will be always allows the next arch to present itself – and often in ways that you’re not even remotely thinking about now.

  112. All I can say is it’s always a good idea to shut off the iPhone and all the gadgets that are chaining us to the fake world of communication.
    Take your time, former collegue, and do it for yourself. On our side, we’ll try to go through without your spirit for a while. There’s no free lunch in this world.

  113. Beth said:

    Your note brought tears to my eyes. I have also been holding my breath. I also “thought if I paid my dues and worked my way up through the ranks, I could maybe reach a position of enough influence and credibility that I could say what I truly feel.” I don’t yet know if I have the courage to take a step out into that river, but I am rooting for you. I can’t wait to see where your journey takes you!

  114. A few great passages in your 3,000 word essay.

    I read it, but not all the comments make upon it.

    Regarding accusations of being naive, well yeah.

    Get up to speed on the money system is FIRST:


    At least to understand how profound that problem was!!!





  115. Mark Zupan said:

    Kai, you have a lot to read here, perhaps more than the 3000 words you offered up to the world (i’m not going to count). Great ripple effect.

    I’m another wanderer, on this epic journey of self consciousness. I work an office job, and my first step was to reduced my working hours to a 30hr week, on a flexible schedule, affording me more opportunity to cultivate all these other things that are important in life. I thrive in the waters that brings people together in genuine and honest interaction.

    Thank you for providing a forum for this topic. Thank you for sharing your story. And thank you for demonstrating there is solidarity in finding better ways to live upon this earth.

    What’s the next step? Getting us together. Building virtual and non-virtual connections amongst like-minded individuals, so that the forerunners of this movement and generation needn’t feel like their torch isn’t being seen or affecting change. Conferences and gatherings, internet forums, and PROJECTS. Projects that people can tap into, be a part of, and be the change we’re all talking about.

    If you’re interested in banding together, then let’s. I’d be happy to field conversation and action to move this forward.

    The revolution will be as successful, productive, and engaging as we make it.


  116. Hindy said:

    thank you very much for your comments. I have been feeling alone and disoriented, especially with the coverage of the royal visit. I live in a city that has gone so conservative and the media and all levels of government have moved right. It is frightening and there needs to be a rallying call, so that the media knows and writes about the others.

    Again thank you

  117. I’m not a fan of your politics, but I appreciate your boldness and honesty. You seem open to new ideas. When you get some I suggest looking into the non-aggression principle and some of it’s policy implications.

  118. Catherine said:

    I hope you get to my reply before you turn off your iphone..or at least when you turn it back on. I am proud of you for having courage to speak up and go where your heart, and not your head, is telling you to go. Too many people are thinking about everything that doesn’t matter because they are truly afraid of what would happen if they did actually think and then spoke up.

    I left my 6 figure job at a bank in an industry where I worked for over 10 years. I sold or gave away most of my possessions and packed my car up with the things that mattered most to me (surprising the things that I took with me) and drove to Mexico where I have been living for about 9 months now and have never been happier.

    The main underlying reason that I left and which really started to effect my self-worth was just this: the Ethical Dilemma between doing what the bank said was right for the client and the bottom line of making money. Even though I was very successful at “selling” – I more often than not, doubted the ethics of not only the bank, but of the other investment and insurance companies I worked with. How amazing that they can market ethical values to the pubic but in the end it will always be about making money for themselves. We don’t have to look very far for validation of my point. It is not about political parties, or which industry you work in – it is about money. Always has been- always will be. All corruption, violence, fear, war for political, territorial or religious control stems from greed.

    Those people who are truly on a path of self awareness, enlightenment – whatever you want to call it, are trying to or have let go of these archaic values. They are finding a purpose in life that does not involve jumping through hoops for the various establishments. Yes we have responsibility to report the news, help people invest their hard earned money, heal or guide people spiritually or physically but who says it has to be done the corporate way- the Big Business way.

    I lively simply with my minimal possessions on a minimal income and have never been happier. My family still loves me. My friends still love me and my coworkers are envious. And I still make a difference in people’s lives – I just feel a whole lot better about it. I have found my purpose. I have found myself.

    Go, my friend, go….. you will make a bigger impact than you ever expected. There are more like-minded people than you think there are. You would be very pleasantly surprised.

    Let me know if I can help you through this process of change. I have been where you are.


  119. justme said:

    I understand completely. I work for a news / entertainment portal, whatever you wish to call it, and I agree, it’s tricky. I don’t have anything to do with what’s published, but at times I feel at odds with the content and how that media reflects or impacts our population / customer and therefore a reflection of me working for them. Like you I’m worried not so much of content my team produces, but the commodification of news or opionion. It worries me.

    Like you I quit working in broadcast when I was about 27 to work for a charity thinking it would give me that spiritual relief from the rat race… but after a few years and seeing the business side of charity it disenfranchized me as well. Sadly I felt I had just swaped jerseys for the same game. This was my life lesson, one I think you’re about to embark on.

    Regardless of my lessons, I understand your dilemna, part of me is jealous of you and scared shitless for your broadcast career (if you care about that any longer). For me, I still have bills to pay and a life to lead, and frankly if I didn’t do this, someone else would. I’ve since decided I can do good works for the world within where I am rather than fighting against the machine.

    For you, as my comment, maybe I’ll just go with kudos. For making a tough call. One tougher than I’ve been able to make.

  120. William said:

    Bravo. As you rest up, you should consider starting something. For reasons you can see clearly, the old model of news may be beyond repair. You could be one of the people who figures out what’s next. I’d certainly throw into any Kickstarter project you set up!

  121. Tina said:

    Thank-you for your eloquence and truth. Your “cri de coeur” is powerful and important – not only to you, but to me and to greater society.

  122. Steve said:

    Dear Kai,
    You are a self-indulgent little tool. And for once, CTV got what it deserved for appointing a 24-year-old inexperienced self-indulgent youngster to cover an important provincial capital. Maybe they will replace you with an unpaid intern nut make him promise not to blog.

    • Tim L said:

      Jeepers Steve,
      My need to maintain a sense of decorum in my communications with others prevents me from expressing just how tremendously appalled I am at the anger in your note. I’m so sad for you. Please have a hug.

  123. maryB said:

    I couldn’t stop reading your 3000 word letter and found your words very thought provoking. Found myself nodding my head quite a bit in agreement. What an excellent writer you are. I am so very glad that others seem to agree. I’ve forwarded your letter to all my friends and family and hope it gets them to nodding their heads as well and forwarding your letter to even more Canadians. We have let down our integrity and Canada greatly. Mayhap it’s not to late.

    Whatever you choose to do in your future I wish you well. But, I selfishly hope, that you’ll continue to write and that it will have even more Canadians nodding their heads and thinking, what can we do?

  124. Kesia said:

    I love you, and I miss you more than ever somehow, now that you’re on your way home. I can’t wait to see you. Whether or not you’re still reading all these responses (the heart-felt and the fearful, the inspired and the bitter, the appreciative and the weary, the so very numerous!), whether or not you find this floating in the sea of thirsty people’s words… you know we’ve got the porch light burning. I’m gonna go boil some chicken bones so there will be broth for soup. Shit, I just realized I’m out of the good sauerkraut! Get your cabbage-pounding muscles ready, brother bear, you’re gonna have to earn your keep! Or, you know, just make it home in one piece. I like you best that way. Then we can go swim in the river.

    Love (buckets and beacons and bundles of),

  125. Kai – you rock. Follow your soul, it knows all of the answers. Contrary to popular belief, success is not measured in dollar signs. I applaud you not only for your decision to quit, but also for writing your manifesto and making it public. You have shown courage, intelligence, compassion and leadership. It invigorates my faith and strength to continue fighting for what’s right, for the earth, for the animals, for what’s fair, against all odds and often against the popular opinion. Thank you for not being a zombie and I wish you only the very best in what will inevitably be a successful, bright, fulfilling and truthful future.

  126. Dave F said:

    You have articulated my EXACT feelings about the media and politics in this country. I am a journalist who also walked away from the profession for many of the same reasons. I tell people it was for a change in lifestyle and to get my freedom back, but it was really about the state of the industry and the direction of the country. I am now on the so-called dark side, but it’s no darker here than it was on the news side.

    I’ve been saying for the last two years that it will take a massive scandal – 10 times more destructive, greedy and/or politically motivated than the financial collapse has been – to restore the fifth estate to be the check and balance for democracy that it was intended to be. It is only then that people will realize journalism is about holding politicians accountable, keeping the public informed and well educated and writing a first draft of history for future generations – it’s not about getting more eye balls in front of newspapers/television sets or making owners/advertisers richer. I am 10 years your senior, but you are well ahead of me in your ideology and convictions. Kudos to you. I will be following you progress and your posts. Thank you for your honesty, bravery and inspiration.

  127. Doug Lang, CFRO Radio, Vancouver said:

    Kai, it was uplifting to read your original piece and this follow-up. Better water than kool-aid, and sometimes the water is wine. Some changes take place within systems, but great changes rarely do. I understand your decision completely. May your travels lead you where you need to go, as I’m sure they will. Best ahead.

  128. No only did I read a 3,000 word essay, I did it online. I didn’t think I was capable of doing that but I was captivated and inspired.

  129. As a fellow young media person, with a very similar world view, I’m just upset you beat me to this. 🙂

  130. Jessica said:

    As a young, educated Canadian female I too am angry with the way our political agenda has shifted and the extreme lack of knowledge about core issues on the ground level. I commend you for your actions and conviction and only hope that sacrifices such as your own open the eyes of Canada’s youth to issues at hand.

  131. Amazing. Balanced, calm and collected. The poise of your prose is fantastic. I hope you will help lead a charge into the next coming shift in our cultural economics.

  132. Do what thou loveth. Ignore the haters.

    From a Real American Conservative.

  133. Forest said:

    Mr. Nagata,

    I’m glad to see you left television news. In my opinion real reporting is, and has always been found in the newspapers. (Or online, like all the kids want… I guess.) Your written editorials are proof you’ve been in the wrong profession, and I’m glad you’re becoming hip to the real direction you ought to have moved in all along.

    More than staying tuned, I’ll keep watching.

    Forest Puha

  134. MapleLeaf said:


    Thanks for this. As a scientist I am appalled at what is going on federally– there is indeed a passive aggressive war on science. Sometimes it is not even passive– hence my pseudonym.

    The media (almost exclusively) have really dropped the ball on covering anthropogenic global warming (AGW). What is worse, is the free pass that they give to so-called “skeptics” (they are not true skeptics) and those in denial about the theory (not hypothesis) of AGW; they even enable them at times. Additionally, the false balance that is prevalent throughout the media on this issue is equally disturbing. Misinformation in the media is rife, especially by certain outlets such as the National Post.

    What on earth happened to ethical and investigative journalism?

    This has to change, and your actions may have initiated a ripple– I hope that your ripple amplifies and spreads far and wide.

    Best of luck!

  135. Stan Mortensen said:

    What an incredible essay, I am now 60 years of age and to read from someone so young so many of the thoughts that have been rolling around in my head for the last several years stuns me beyond belief. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting to words the thoughts and feelings that I have long felt but have never been able to put into just the right words.
    You have an old soul on young shoulders. You have spoken from your heart of a time past that so many of long for, where speaking to the truth of a matter is not only important but crucial to our collective future and well being.
    There are so many things that I would like to say to you but you have a lot to consider and I am very sure that we will hear a lot from and about you in the coming years.
    You are someone that I would be absolutely put on my “must meet one day” list.
    Good luck to you on your journey.

  136. Steve said:


    You’ve touched on so many issues that ‘aren’t news anymore’. I could go on my own rant, but yours is much better than anything I could ever put together.

    And your comments are so timely, considering what has been unfolding in Britain recently around News of the World.

    How bad does the moral rot at the top have to get before people start wanting to stop it (and this isn’t just about journalism)?

    There is a famous scene in Romania in 1989 when Ceaușescu began delivering a speech from the balcony to the assembled crowd, much as he had done many times before. Suddenly someone in the crowd started booing, then many other people did too. And then Ceaușescu stopped and the camera caught that stunned look of incomprehension on his face.

    All the lies had suddenly caught up to him.

    I don’t know where you are going, sir. However, good luck to you.

    You are far better off, like Thoreau, to go off and live in a cabin in the woods by yourself than toil at a job where you know everything is false. (“Its not why I am in here, sir. It is why you are out there.”)

  137. JHarvey said:

    Bonjour Kai,

    quelle surprise que de te lire ce matin… ailleurs qu’à l’habitude!

    Tu nous as tous pris de court avec ce départ précipité….

    Enfin, je souhaite que l’ orque de Saint-Sauveur ait retrouvé un peu d’espace pour respiré confortablement, ce que je constate en essayant de rattraper le retard sur Freedom 24.

    On est là pour toi quand tu repasseras.

    Aller, bonne saga.

  138. Steve said:

    Kai, what you have written is the kind of thought we need to indulge in. Thank you. You are honest and true to your heart, so you will succeed. Be sure of that.

    Things haven’t changed much since Groucho Marx said:

    “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

    This morning my kids got out of bed, and came into the living-room carrying books. The TV remained off. Not by any means a normal morning in our house, but certainly encouraging!

    As someone who spent two decades as a TV journalist working with some of the people you know, I can confirm that what you are saying is right on the mark.

    The good thing is, you are still a journalist. Clearly, it’s what you do best. Your thoughtful discourse is fact. It is truthful. It is a good story, told well. It is what the public needs to know. You have found a new way to practice your craft – and you have found a new audience. Please continue – we need to hear more!

  139. Renee said:

    Your thoughts struck a chord with me and I just wanted to extend my support to you. You expressed very eloquently my own concerns with the direction our country is taking. As a mom of three young boys I want them to grow up in the Canada that I know it has been and can be and you gave me hope – thank-you!

  140. Judith McCaffrey said:

    I don’t need to tell you what a gifted writer you are, but I hope you will continue to share that gift with us. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your journey. We desperately need your insights on the media to remind us of our (the media consumers’) obligation to dig beneath the surface of major news stories, to understand bias, and to recognize gossip for what it is. With thanks and best wishes for this new adventure.

  141. Hugo Morin said:

    Hi. Dad of four kids 10 to 1 yo. 37, almost 38 myself. Semi-retired after selling a company I bled for, building it for 8 years, from the little money I had accumulated in my RRSP. Religious views are atheist and political views are common sense.

    Your blog resonates so much with me it’s uncanny. We need people like you on the mainstream medias ‘keeping it real’ for the people.

    You have to keep at it and find the proper channel. When you do, I will be there reading/watching/listening.

    Best to you.

  142. Kai, you have elegantly captured the thoughts and feelings on the state of affairs in Canada and indeed around the world that I have been struggling to articulate. Beautifully written, unarguably convincing. Keep writing and we will keep following. Canada desperately needs an honest voice.

  143. Denise said:

    I found that this echos what many are feeling, if we are not part of the solution then we are a part of the problem – Awesome and inspirational

  144. Shirley Spicer said:

    From an old girl who saw the invention of the television, man walk on the moon, etc. etc. and a former flower child…change happens. The problem is the machines we have in place be it media, government or corporate are just that…machines. . If you are on the inside you become part of the machine as you learned. In my opinion only when you view your subject from the sidelines can you see what the overall effect is and start to understand what is wrong and how to implement the change needed. When Canadians come together and unite for the good then change can happen. It won’t be a politician, a corporate icon, or the head of a media outlet it WILL be a core of Canadians because history has proven we can get the job done. One person alone can’t do it, but if your voice is strong and your message is true people will listen, unite, and change happens. Good luck Kia you are one of many. But can you be a leader? Are you the voice in the wilderness Canadians need! Your ability to write is a given, your blog has demonstrated we all give a damn but where do we go from here.. I hope I live long enough to see the Canada I envision, the politician who really listens to the needs of the voter, the boss who really cares about the employee who puts his blood sweat and tears into his or her job and cares about the customer or the media boss who tells the truth and only the truth and a Canada that really sees our dollar as a way to help others not to thrive but make a reasonable living…then and only then will we be strong and true…

  145. Max S said:

    Hey Kai, I think you’re still on the right track, although I’m sure it’s scary. You’ve got a lot more to offer, a lot of ideas and the power to follow through. See you soon, old friend.

  146. ONLY 3,000 words is my description. What a relief to hear someone put this message out there. It’s like Canadians have fallen asleep. I truly hope you will find the ways to get your true voice out there. We need every capable voice to help us come out of the next five years with anything close to the compassionate and egalitarian country we worked so hard to build.

  147. Luiza said:

    Another history for people who live in the Oprah´s world…
    He has a nice car, a nice bike… and to be broke for him maybe is not to have money to go for vacations around the world…
    I am , and I was broke.. returned my car because I couldnt pay anymore, didnt pay my credit card bills, collectors call , calling me all the time… this is really be broke…
    and his history is another fantasy history that we read and we think that everything is possible without money…
    Being broke in Canada is a very horrible thing….
    some things are possible only for some people…poor people or people whithout opportunities or whithout knowing the right people ate the right time dont have chance to do fantasy things like that…

  148. Monty said:

    The inherent qualities of water are that it has no color of its own and yet accepts all colors symbolizing its acceptance, it has no shape and yet aquires the shape of its container symbolizing its adaptibilty, it is fluid and always seeks the lower plane symbolizing its humilty and finally inherently it is cool but when heated it rises against its own humble lower plane seeking nature to finally cool down once again and flow freely to the ocean and merges into its own self. The decision that you have taken to seek your river of conciousness resonates with me these qualities of water, which while complying with the wordly ways still managed to keep true to its innate nature. While you were being managed to be shaped, to accept certain colors within your thoughts, flow humbly into a given direction and finally heated to a point where you rose above the rest and finally decided to cool down to flow freely out of the container.

    Many people have spiritual impulses throughout their professional and personal lives. We have perfected ability to instinctly supress these lest we should leave the security of our own prison in to the unknown of the freedon that lies beyond our bondage.Those few like yourself who are brave enough to recognize these impulses and chose to act upon them when the moment is right rise above the average that others so matter of factly are content with.

    I congratulate you and hope that you will continue to give shape to your thoughts from the eternity of ether into words that would be precisely measured and cut so that you are able bring about the change that you have set out to.

    Well Wisher.

  149. Dan Perillo said:

    Just commented on your first piece.

    DON’T LISTEN TO THE HATERS! They are people who are unhappy with their own lives in some fashion and are pissed to see someone break the norm and find something that makes them happy.

    They are the type of people you are genuinely against in your quest to help humanity.

    Haters only serve to try and distract you from your goals b/c they know they can’t do anything else to try and stop you.

    Keep going Kai, you can definitely do it. It’s just a matter of time.

  150. Joel said:

    Hello Kai – What an inspirational piece. I am currently considering a career in broadcast journalism but am reticent to commit for the very reasons you outline. The industry is too sexualised, too obsessed with the superficial. That said, there seems to be a handful of good journalists. In addition to telling a story, they provide thoughtful analysis, analysis that enables their viewers to better understand their world. I never saw your reportage. But judging from your piece, I imagine you were amongst them.

    May I recommend a book? King of the World, a biography on Muhammad Ali which was written by David Remnick. Ali was a radical figure. He converted to the Nation of Islam at the height of his career. He refused the draft to Vietnam. He spoke his mind on the racial politics of the era. And he didn’t waiver. His actions ended up costing him his championship and alienated him from large swaths of white (and black) America. Yet look at how he is now remembered, or, rather, revered?

    Your in good company.



  151. Matt Fifer said:

    Kai, stop in Toronto on your way and let’s go for a swim in Lake Ontario, how about a cool 2k? You said you want to improve your physicality… 🙂

    Matty in Toronto

  152. I am not sure whether you will have time to read so many hundreds of comments, Mr. Nagata. However, I thought I would drop in to say that I appreciate your courage and your candor. It is a difficult day and age for a person in his 20’s to leave a job that pays reasonably well, and is in his chosen profession.

    I am sure that you will have many offers and more than ample work to do in the days to come. However, one of the questions that arises at moments like these is a so simple that it is easily overlooked: what news agency or source exists today that a principled and courageous journalist would be proud and happy to work for?

    I am nearly twice your age, and I recognize that I need to find a place where I can get the news and information necessary to be a responsible and informed citizen of my city, province/state, nation and world. If there is no newspaper, website, or broadcast program which can provide me with accurate and worthwhile information–the most crucial logistical supply I need in the war to preserve my freedom, my rights of citizenship, and my conscience–then perhaps I will have to help create one.

    If you find a place to land, please let us know where we can follow your reporting. But if you ever decide to help build your own news platform–in partnership with other reporters, editors and experienced communications people who share your ideals–PLEASE post it to Kickstarter. It would be an honor to help provide start-up funds for such a project, no matter how much money is needed.

    Good day and good luck. 😉

  153. Jungle Ling said:

    Bless you Kai. You’ll find supportive people as you need them. Do check out Dawson City YT. Esp. the “Pit” if the wind carries you in that direction

  154. ♥♥♥ Working hard since Feb. 2010 to get the word out to Canada about our Crime Minister / Prime Spender Stealin’ Harper. ♥♥♥ Google discussion group of Canadians: (CRUSH) Canadians Rallying to Unseat Steve Harper ♥♥♥ Also they run a website called: unseatHarper dot ca ♥ We talk, share newstories and help each other understand the lies told to us by Harper, his unelected backroom goons, the billionaire-owned mass-media, and fake polls. ♥♥♥ Steve HarperCon: Government of One ♥♥♥

  155. Political Polls out themselves as worthless

    OTTAWA – Canada’s notoriously competitive pollsters have some surprisingly uniform advice about the parade of confusing and conflicting numbers they’re about to toss at voters ahead of a possible spring election:

    Take political horse race polls with a small boulder of salt.

    “Pay attention if you want to but, frankly, they don’t really mean anything,” sums up Andre Turcotte, a pollster and communications professsor at Carleton University.

    He has even more pointed advice for news organizations that breathlessly report minor fluctuations in polling numbers: “You should really consider what is the basis for your addiction and maybe enter a ten-step program.”

    And for fellow pollsters who provide the almost daily fix for media junkies: “I think pollsters should reflect on what this does to our industry. It cheapens it.”

    Turcotte’s blunt assessment is widely shared by fellow pollsters, including those who help feed the media addiction to political horse race numbers.


    Point 8:25 in the video:
    Peter Mansbridge on CBC discusses story of the year: worthless polls

    We invited Allan Gregg from Harris Decima (and the At Issue Panel on The National) and Paul Adams, assistant professor at the Carleton school of journalism. Adams covered Parliament Hill for the CBC and The Globe and Mail. He also worked for EKOS Research. Here’s that conversation:

  156. Your parents should be very proud of you just by the way. At first I was like, duh, what did you think the MSM was for if not to kill your own truthy opinion.

    But then I remembered you are only 25 and I take my skirt off to you for knowing so much at a young age. Thank God this happened to you before you were shackled with wife, kids, mortgage and endless debt. like the rest of Canada.



  157. Ter. said:

    More power to you, and all the best.

  158. tana said:

    It was a great post! So is this one. Best of luck!

  159. Leo Gervais said:

    I must confess I only know Kai slightly, although we are FB friends.

    As a journalism professor, I look at Kai’s manifesto in two ways – as a cautionary tale of modern-day journalism but more importantly, as a guide to being true to one’s own self.

    I am a little Old School, admittedly, so on the one hand it seemed to me a little offputting that such a promising, young journalist would throw in the towel. Why not fight the good fight, try to invoke change from the inside and so on? I am sure this is the question on many people’s minds judging by some of the comments.

    However, we are not Kai, so his ultimate motivation and reasons are his alone. But I think his shining a spotlight on what ails television journalism should not be dismissed out of hand. Indeed, I think it behooves us all to look at what he has written and ask some probing questions of the mass media and ourselves: Are there enough voices? Do we demand high standards? How can we make TV journalism better and more representative of all aspects of society? How can we do the right thing?

    I am confident Kai will reflect a lot, and I hope over time his will be one of the voices that will bring about some fresh ideas about the media and we who consume it.

    He clearly is a man with something to say, even if we don’t all agree with him. I salute him for giving us all pause for thought.

    Best of luck, Kai, and remember:

    The journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step.


    • Sir, I do not know Kai at all. However, I do admire his words and thoughts. Perhaps what modern “media journalism” needs is for the watching public to demand truth and honesty. Sadly, I do not think that will happen. “TV News” has become a pathetic oxymoron too sad to even make a joke of it. The only common denominator seems to be; “make it pretty for our short attention span target audience.” Profit, not truth, is the new watchword.

  160. Deke said:

    Bravo,sir! It is a breath of fresh air to hear the truth from someone on the “inside” of the main stream media.
    Safe travels and I am looking forward to seeing where this takes you……….and the rest of us.
    The conversation has just begun!

  161. You are such an amazing writer, so honest and refreshing. I hope you keep blogging as i would love to read about your adventure ahead i see stuggles and alot of success for you. Good luck and keep inspiring.

  162. Skookum1 said:

    Found this one the FB page of someone who posted the Anonymous video re-posted by a friend; very a propos:

    “When one is not expressing himself, he is not free”
    Bruce Lee

    And speaking of the Anonymous video:

  163. Lucie Blais said:


    Dommage que vous quittiez Québec. J’ai beaucoup aimé votre réflexion sur le métier de journaliste. La valeur n’attend point le nombre des années…Je vous souhaite bonne chance dans vos futurs projets.

    Lucie Blais

  164. jbro said:

    i look forward to seeing how you find a new way to be part of the problem – and i don’t mean that negatively. we all work it out in our own way, and even trying to create solutions creates problems. good luck buddy.

  165. To Kai and those he has magnetised:
    The reasons for the sad decay of ”Canada” stem from the NEW World Order agenda, in place since before Hitler even. Massive depopulation, by poisoning food and water, radiation from nukes , cell phones and TV’s, etc etc, with great need of dumbing down so the frog does not notice s/he is being boiled. If not Steve H, another flunky will be installed in the PMO. David Icke has painstakingly exposed many of the machinations that led to this.
    Myself I believe that Disclosure of the ongoing alien presence is now a possible catalyst to flip the collective switch to a livable world, perhaps the last one. This reaches deep, witness Exopolitics.radio for instance.
    Thanks to Kai and you, fellow readers!! Much can still be done!

  166. Let me get this straight: a 24 year old that thinks and feels what I do at 54…..I vote that we move Harper out and Kai in immediately. I too echo what the young generation is in for. Our world, if you can call it that anymore, is beyond stupid. What is different, is that my generation use to look back and blame the one before. Today, you look in the mirror for that blame. You have given me hope that there are still young people out there that not only think, but can “see” as well. Thank you.

  167. Brad said:


    Thank you.


  168. Kai,

    I work for a small newspaper in Quebec City (I don’t think I’m pretty enough to be on TV ;). In all seriousness, you said what I’ve been thinking since I started working in journalism, with less swear words. I even have a list of “Things I can’t say in the newspaper.”

    Please contact me -I’m really passionate about journalism and I’m considering a new project.

  169. PT said:

    Thank you.



  170. Dude12345 said:

    Smartest stuff I have heard lately, you can go bigger and better, stick with your guns, I’ll see you running that PMO some day.



  171. Monique said:

    Wow, anyone who calls you a friend is lucky. You’re a top notch human being and I admire your guts and honesty. Sexy.

  172. I’ve been told in my day that I have pretty solid writing skills. But I am able to admit being humbled when facing so much raw talent. You are a great writer, and I for one hope you keep this blog alive. No need to make it a job, simply keep it… well, at least running.

    For those of us who do watch TV on a regular basis and sometimes lose sight of the truth at the expense of automatically being fed information – recycled information at that – your “coming out” of sorts is a revelation, a blessing, and a painful realization all at once. Revelation because we discover someone who will stand up for what he believes in, which is hard to come by these days since most of us are unknowingly pigeonholed. A blessing because this revelation is so freeing in its inspiration. A painful realization, because most of us never see it coming.

    Well, I’ll be brief: my wife is about to give birth in a few days. It’s hard when you face the fact that you’re bringing a child into the world and his life is somewhat predetermined in a way. You have brought faith that he will be able to grow up and become anything he wants back to me. I will try and hold on to your words as much as I can, and… well all I can say is Thank You for being who you are.

    Keep your spirit alive!

  173. Your courage is inspiring. There are so many of us who know what we don’t want (“Conservative politicians [who] are abandoning [our] generation and any that hope to come after”) but have a hard time finding or recognizing what we do want, or which direction we need to take. You have the voice and the vision, lead the way.

  174. Tina Budeweit said:

    Follow your heart and you will always choose the path of the wisest. That you have the guts to stand up for your beliefs, now that you’ve learned so much being on that side, and with your incredible writing skills (yes, I don’t read a lot of 3000 word essays but yours resonated with me on multiple levels) thank you for naming all the elephants in the Canadian room. I would hate to see you get into politics as that would wear you down and your efforts would be lost in a sea of bureaucracy, but as a free agent, your words may actually be all it takes to make enormous differences happen. Thank you again, I have read and I am nourished and encouraged to have hope in our young people and in our future.

  175. Justin said:

    Hey Kai, I am a fellow ‘young’ person (26) and reading your essay makes me feel like there’s still hope for our generation. I use to work at a place where most co-workers around my age talked only about gossip and dreams of manions and nice cars. Going to grad school was refreshing but I found a place where people talk and write but take no real action or take responsibility for the things they say. I had been wanting to join the military but have been turned off by Harper’s push to remake us into a US junior. You really need to get out there and talk to young people! The world has a lot of problems and if our generation doesn’t wake up soon there won’t be time to tackle issues like climate change and global conflicts. Make that your new career!

  176. Claude Bédard said:

    Every once in a while I am reminded that there are still human beings on this earth. I am proud of you. I will remember your name.

  177. TrishaMC said:

    Bravo, Kai Nagata! I am twice your age, and I left the media in 1990, but I know exactly what you’re talking about.

  178. Juan Valasquez said:

    I find it interesting that you were afraid to voice your opinions, due to their Liberal leanings. I’m not sure how it is in Quebec, but in Toronto, post-conservative majority; to tell work colleagues, friends or employers that you voted conservative was to invite shaming and ridicule upon one’s self. Altough, Toronto is in it’s own bubble of Liberal relativism.

    This country has become so polarized. When people compare Stephen Harper to George Bush Jr. or a science decrying Kansas based politician, their argument becomes weak or void. The same goes for Liberal bashing. The lack of respect for people’s opinions and ideologies is dwindling.

    I respect your decision to leave something that was not making you happy, as I’m sure many of us are in that current state of affairs.

    However, I think blaming it on the current federal government was easy and convenient.

    Good luck in your future endeavours.

    • WHY shouldn’t we compare Steven Harper to GW Bush Jr? Steven Harper regularly speaks with ol’ GW. Steven Harper has called GW his ‘close dear friend’ for years.His policies are the finest sort of Right Wing Republican ‘stuff’ to come out of Kansas. Steven Harper has consistently cut funding to science and research facilities and organizations since he came to power. Heck, he made an evangelical Christian who doesn’t believe in evolution as his Science and Technology Minister for Pete’s sake! How anti-science do you need to get? Steven Harper has been cutting funding to the very things that President Barack Obama is pumping $ billions _into_. If you’re going to spew ‘party line’ at least make sure it has _some_ basis in fact, please.

  179. glenn jessome said:

    You are wise beyond your years.
    Your thinking is crystal clear.
    However, you need to un-learn some more before you become enightened again … 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Lux et Veritas!

  180. Anne said:

    Dear Kai,
    Simply Amazing, I find your epiphany very inspiring. Finally, you have found the courage to say the truth, and that’s news!
    It’s simple, it’s clear, and long overdue.
    Indeed the media coverage that was lavished upon Will and Kate especially from the CBC was incomprehensible. Talk about budget! Your timing was impeccable to realize your coming out.
    After reading you blog, it’s wonderful to see that the seeds from you father’s Buddhism, or drops, have tricked down the river and found a path into your life.
    Very exciting and powerful.

  181. Athanassia said:

    Je suis impressionnée.
    Et je comprends le geste.

  182. Kimberley said:

    Kai, you have confirmed what I have always suspected regarding the media and politics!

    Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value. ~Albert Einstein

    Thank you Kai!

  183. Michael Keating said:

    Dear Ken,

    Thanks for reviving the long-standing discussion of Canadian journalism. The mirror of society is reluctant to look at itself.

    Good piece of political analysis, especially about the undermining of environmental science.

    Hope you keep contributing.

    Michael Keating
    former reporter and journalism teacher

  184. Jeff.s said:

    Mr Nigata,

    Let me first say, well played! I really enjoyed reading your essay. As an regular TV news viewer it has not gone unnoticed that the news content as of late resembles a hungry man dinner, filling but not very tasty. I hope you find much success in a field that allows your voice to be heard unrestrained.

  185. It’s revitalizing to see such integrity and bravery. I hope you see the negative comments for what they are, just cheap talk.

  186. chris said:

    Reading this just made my day. I just returned from a human rights training in Bangkok and was there for the election. Canada needs more.



  187. Ian Fung said:

    Hi Kai,
    Your manifesto was truly inspiring. As a Canadian living in the US, it really helped me think through a lot of feelings I’ve had recently. I’m going to save your posting and show it to my son when he’s old enough, as an example of why it’s important to care about the political process in your country.

  188. D Randazzo said:

    You are my new hero Kai – wise beyond your years. You are already great, now go out and use this for good grasshopper.

  189. I say start your own news… your way… your a good writer (I wish I could write like you) and your used to a camera. Film your own news and post it to your own YouTube Station and continue your blog with your views of the world. Through time, you could also write a book where you get all the profit and recognition for. Good Luck in your ventures. I know it must be hard to leave a job but your a brave sole and good on you for doing what makes you happy. 🙂

  190. Proudofme said:

    I had to comment on your posts. I tend to read and keep my thoughts to myself, but there is something so compelling in your writing, that I needed to share its impact on me.
    I too made a decision much like yours a couple of years ago (much less publically) but I did get the same resistance from many. “Why would you do that?” “can’t believe you would leave such a great job…you need to suck it up”. I could not, nor do I believe we should “Suck it up!” – Life is too short, and too precious.

    If what you’re doing doesn’t make you happy, doesn’t feed your passion, than stop doing it. Yes, I too had the luxury of not having any children to support when I made this decision, that being said, I believe that having children may have pushed me to make the decision sooner. What example would I have set for those said children “Doesn’t matter if you’re happy or not, just suck it up and be miserable?” – What kind of example is that really? You as a human being are not deserving of being happy or worthy of something that feeds your passion.

    Anyway, I could rant on your haters for pages, so I won’t. I will just say this. I didn’t need it, but you validated the decision I made and reminded me why I made it. Everyday I get up, and I am happier person knowing that I made the right decision for me, and my future family. I am a stronger person for sticking to my convictions, and being able to stay true to myself.

    You are rich in love, and that love will carry you through whatever this trickle becomes. Take care of yourself –

  191. ritanandy said:

    I applaud your courage. Its heartening that you are questioning the “brass knuckle” political tactics currently in play in Ottawa. Please drive safe….you matter.

  192. Bravo Kai !
    Vous êtes une source d’inspiration.
    Courage et bon chance mon ami.

  193. Fabia said:

    Thanks for your honesty and your thoughtfulness.

  194. JB said:

    Grab a flight — go and meet up with Robert Fisk… buy him a drink…have a real conversation… Best of Luck on your journey –wherever you go–where ever it takes you…

  195. Gilles Hamann said:

    Critics just offer empty words.

    We each have a vision of the world built in the privacy or our minds. If no two brains are exactly alike then no two perceptions are exactly alike.

    We would all like to believe that our thoughts are the right and only way to think.

    But thoughts are just chemical traces in our mind. Opinions are just opinions. Intent is not the same as doing.

    You have taken action. You have acted on your beliefs.
    That is living life, not just imagining it.

  196. I saw your headshot/story make it to Yahoo! Canada news…
    You look awfully familiar, outside of CTV…
    Weren’t you one of the instructors back in Summervisions?

    I was going to say congrats on ‘making it to the big leagues’…

  197. Kai
    Congratulations on your courage and insight, special for such a young person. I myself gave up being a Chartered Accountant to teach meditation, qigong, tai chi chuan etc nearly 30 years ago and don’t regret it a moment despite many uncertain times. Almost all of the subjects you cover in The Letter, I have touched on in my blog at http://www.andyjames.ca. You might find it interesting.
    Very best wishes on your Path
    Andy James

  198. paul said:

    it’s hard to live selflessly, or to be less concerned about one’s own interests than those of our neighbours. Kai’s actions, for me suggest a move in this direction. What tires me is the perjorative nature of what is considered ‘debate’ in modern culture. The democratization of media has made it easy to slag someone from a safe distance within a digital framework. Empathy, consideration and respect are all but lost in this new age. All of the backbiting, oneupmanship and vitriole that litter new media, (disguised as opinion) threaten real and meaningful conversation. Much of what we see on TV news appeals to our base insticts, but as Kai rightly questions – is it nourishing? Even the ‘serious’ news does this – when catastrophe becomes entertainment at some level. People’s stories and lives need to be told and shared, but often ‘infotainment’ is not the proper or effective medium for this to take place. We must all learn to follow the courage of our convictions as Kai, to do what is right and not what is always comfortable and easy.

  199. mike said:

    It’s a once (or twice) lifetime event to burn your bridges, discard your “things” and free yourself of ball and chain. The critics are jealous.

  200. As a former CTVer myself, someone who also willfully left my plum job under less public circumstances, I can relate to everything you’ve said. Some people aspire to jobs and status, others just aspire.

    Your youth is your greatest asset. You demonstrate a fearlessness that some of your like-minded former colleagues may lack the stones to act upon.

    You have possibly become more important to the Canadian consciousness as a result of your decision. I can’t wait to see what you do next.


  201. Fellow Pilgrim said:

    Wonderful essay! I’m glad to hear someone intelligent and young has been able to resist the temptation to give in to the convention of pursuing a financially motivated career. I commend your decision to follow the path within and I wish you the best of luck on your journey! : )

  202. ZR said:

    Bravo & Best of Luck!

  203. David Kocian said:

    I must agree with the many posters that this was a great essay one of which has given me a feeling of enlightenment. I hope more people read your essay and start to realize the dangerous road journalism is taking.

    News reporting has changed from intelligent and informative to politically party messaging and celebrity gawking.

    We need a renaissance to bring journalism back and I hope Kai you lead the charge.

  204. Teresa said:

    In the fight for what one believes is right or rather against what is very “wrong”, it takes great strength and self knowledge to take even the first swing. Thank you for that!

    You have given voice to the silent cries of millions. One may hypothesize in the view of random events not being so random and not for lack of your talent or hard work, that you may have risen to your previous position so quickly for just this very reason. As your previous position gives a greater measure of strength to the eloquent words of your “cri de coeur”.

    I will help the water continue to bubble and spread a little further, and pray that millions more do as well.

    Have a happy, safe, and blessed journey! All the best to you!

  205. Jodi said:

    I’m not in the media but I will tell you this that your post was picked up by a lot of the social media people who care and write about citizen engagement (a lot). Contrary to your (former) media colleagues who obviously feel personally assaulted by your post and your choice – you did a good thing sir and your choice is being praised as both bold and fearless. By the unfair and bullish response you received 24 hours after your post – all of us can now see just how bold and fearless that decision was. So much respect to you for speaking your truth. I look forward to following you on your travels and learning more about where you land. Best wishes.

  206. Olga said:

    Hey, Kai, everything will be fine… You path has just started… you are meant to bring change, and you will. Listen to your dad, the Zen Buddhist, and follow your true calling. You will break the stereotypes and will be the new voice for the new generation… The Crystal children are here to change the paradigm… you are one of them… Love and peace to you, have courage and don’t regret a thing!

  207. Make your way up to Fort St. John, BC and help us stop the BC government from building Site C. We need you now! I will feed and house you for free. And I’m a really good cook!

  208. I can only respect your choice, it is a principled one and that is rare in this day and age. I quite agree about your feelings about Canada’s present dilemas too, I will only add that no matter what path you choose though you still have to make a living. Nothing else will be possible until that fundimental is acheived. Very unfourtunatly that is the way our society and economy work. It is a huge waste of human talent that we all have to spend so much of our time and energy at it but that is the way of things. Very good luck to you and every success.

    Bill Schram

  209. Tas said:

    Kai – your 2 posts have been really touching and moving. I used to want to be a journo, and reading your story really affirms my decision to not go on that path.

    Your decision to become a ‘freelance human’ and stay true to your principles is admirable and I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors no matter what they are. I hope you know that you have people like me who support you. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next.

    Enjoy your time reflecting and unplugging.

  210. Geoff Meugens said:

    I aint too politically savvy but I’m inclined to agree with one of the comments made, that it is reassuring to hear someone this worried about the political landscape at this time, I’m 18, from Vancouver, and it does bother me ( Harper’s government). I’m not entirely sure what I am capable of doing about it, but I’ll defiantly keep reading your posts, and sharing them with my friends.

  211. Kathleen Adams said:

    Hey Kai,

    Thank you for writing this captivating essay. As someone who isn’t always up-to-date on the current news, I still found that your words resonated with some of my suspicions. I am guilty of caring far too much about the superficial “fluff” news pieces. Your insiders approach came across as very honest and sincere.

    Damn the naysayers, and the best of luck to you. You obviously have many supporters, myself included.

    Kathleen Adams

  212. John Smith said:

    You are a naive fellow. What the Harper Government is trying to tell you is this :

    Canada has tried to be nice, and to help out in the world, and all we have got in return is an influx of ingrates (you, Kai, included) and plenty of debt. So what we are going to do now, is cozy up with our old friends the Americans. We thought they sucked, until we got a load of the rest of the world, and now we realize just how close we are, in many ways.

    So, tighten up the borders, stop giving away our taxpayers money to silly little university arts projects. Stop providing welfare to Asian seniors, and concentrate on our own seniors, who built this country.

    The “Silent Majority” who you hate so much, support this. We have had enough of giving away our dollars and our country to a bunch of whiny liberal sissies.

    Enjoy, here we come.

    • What a breathtaking performance! How much did you get in grants from the Arts Council of Canada for that?

    • Malovich said:

      You think you speak for the “Silent Majority”?


      If they have an opinion, why are they silent?

      If the CONs were voted out of power, would that also be the will of the “Silent Majority”?

    • Geoff Meugens said:

      Old jaded white people! woooooo

    • John Smith. You are so full of it. I’m an ‘old white guy.’ My family was here _before_ it was “Upper Canada” and “Lower Canada.” My family has a proud tradition of protecting the Canadian people through military service. I had the HONOUR to wear a Blue beret. I have loved Canada since we still saluted the Union Jack. I have watched as the Harper Regime has done their level best to instill American style “politics of fear and lies” in Canada. I have watched a man who Lied to the voters, who broke his promises, who has GUTTED Science and Technology Research in Canada. All because it doesn’t fit the Harper Regimes Evangelical Christian viewpoints. I have watched as the Harper Regime has cut, hacked, slashed and sneakily eroded all of the social services that we have fought for over the last half century. make Canada CANADA!
      He has and continues to attack the very fabric of what makes us Uniquely Canadian. he is destroying the things which, until recently made us the envy of much of the civilized world. Things that _other_ countries followed suit to create for their people, including your much touted US. What has The Harper Regime given us? Prisons we don’t need, total lack of privacy on the internet, a national debt the highest in our history, a senate full of failed Tories and our country slipping to 47th out of 50 in our standard of living and a concerted attack on women’s rights. All this, thanks to the Harper Regime.
      So don’t _you_ tell me what the silent majority is thinking!

    • Brad said:

      Everyone…JOHN SMITH represents Harper’s base….scary isn’t it.

    • teresa said:

      ‘John Smith’ how original.

      Have ever had an original thought, ever? Lift your eyes and your morals and for God’s Sake think for yourself – you are doing Canada a great disservice by being so deeply ignorant.

      How dare you.

  213. Vicky said:

    Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable 3000-word essay. It’s very easy to keep quiet and to conform and to profit from conformity. It’s much harder to do what you are doing, to think critically, to wonder, to ask difficult questions, and to take action. I’m not brave enough to do as you have done–the irrational hate that came your way is so loud and extreme that it sent horrible shivers down my spine. I hope that there are more people with your courage and heart, otherwise, there’s no hope for humanity.

  214. Georges Gaudet said:

    I didn’t know you although I listen to CBC (the qwebec) radio often while driving on the road. You reminds me so much while I was your age, well, a little older.. At 27, I went back to school, took a 3 years education in communications at Jonquiere. I was 10 years older than the other students and those 3 years were amongs the best of my life. Then I tried to succeed in communications, having that “weird” dream of becoming a news personality at the bif “Chiffon J” house on boul René Levesque in Mtl. I tried hard but I was seeing (even during those years – 1979-84) exactly what you are describing as the reasons for quitting this house of horrors that is our wonderful world of communications all across this wonderful country that is Canada. As an acadian and french quebecer, I had opinions that I was holding on, but even as a sovereignist quebecer, I was one of many hoping those two solitudes could reach somekind of agreement and convenient way of living together. As many quebecers of those days, I wanted a strong, independent Québec in a free Canada from the monarchy.Don’t ask me why the rest of Canada never understand Québec.( As you surely know now, you have to live in this wonderful province to understand that….) But there was many other issues, news around the world that were skipped by opposing idealogies and political views to true facts and realities. So I too, quit before reaching where you went and for all the same reasons you’re saying in your 3000 words justification of leaving your job.

    But you know what, I never regretted it although my life have been a professional pot pourri of everything and nothing -some would say. Today, at age 62, I’m a free columnist for a small local newspaper since 1999, a self published writer, a poor man by canadian standards (barely make 30,000$/year) but so rich in my mind, my own experiences, my travels in other places, countries…etc. I’m a free thinker and the owner of the newspaper I write in gives me complete freedom. Of course, people like what I write, so he’s making money on my back but that I don’t care, I’m at least a free thinker with more than 500 columns already written and more than 1200 journalist articles, let’s say…just a little on the side of my personal opinions instead of the formal, alcool rubbed, sanitised news that most big news houses want us to write about.

    Thru the years I learned a hard lesson. When you’re an outsider, you’re an outsider for your whole life and worst, you can’t be happy if you rejoin the rank and yell at the same time with everybodyelse when the order comes from the big office. This can cause your life income to be a little on the side too, unless you find a way to sell the ideas you’re believing in. That’s what some true and honest politicians (there are some) do, although in these days, you can have a hard time to find a bundle of them.

    Do what ever you want and may God bless you. The institutions, religious, political or economical are just a way for humans to dominate others, but as a believer, there is a force somewhere in this universe that you can call what ever the name you want, that is acting for you, with you and thru you, as long you’re honest with yourself.

    Et je te dis le mot de Cambronne mon frère.

  215. Ollin said:

    Hey Kai,

    This was such a great post, very well-written, insightful, transformative, and hey, even a little spiritual there at the end. Nice.

    Thank you so much!

    By the way do you have contact e-mail or contact box so I can contact you directly? Thanks!



  216. Donald Ryner said:

    “The reality of man is his thought
    if these thoughts never reach
    the plane of action they remain useless
    the power of thought is dependent
    on its manifestation in deeds.”
    ~ Baha’u’llah~

    So you have quit your job and gotten a tremendous amount of attention and then what ? Your words are spiritual and those of a true seeker! Are you sore and athirst for the truth that lays hid from the eyes of most men as result of the conduct those of position who seek a hold on temporal powers? The people are in need of a divine Physician and Global educator.

  217. zoschi said:

    Shoveling coal for Satan is a great gig for interns. Obliging cons now see “the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play” (Goebbels).
    Publicscience.ca holds many stories waiting for a narrative: our best and brightest being micro-managed by Luddite ideologues dismantling government, mortgaging our future. More people will understand Kai when they see Harper slash the CBC from stem to stern. “The truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State” (ibid).
    Today’s youth have every reason to be angry. Flaming out is no sin.

  218. Ivan said:

    I started my own personal journey (quest if you will) almost ten years ago. I started with a bucket list, (before I knew that that’s what you’d call it). I can’t remember being happier.
    Oh, be careful … once you start the list it somehow seems to get bigger.

  219. Twice the rice said:

    I read your first post, and felt compelled to read your second one. Your talents will surely take you far. Keep yourself open to being inspired on this journey. I am curious as to where you will end up next. Good luck!

  220. Kai … my admiration goes to you. If only we have the magic wand to change the world.

  221. LifeisUnfair said:

    You’re a self-important douche. Just a run of the mill pseudo-hippie. You have absolutely no idea how incredibly fortunate you have been to get a position so undeserved at such a young age. What a disgrace. That doesn’t mean you have to like it, just that it is insane that the self-promoting careerists like yourself (and don’t doubt it people, this is an obvious stunt to parlay this in to somethign bigger aka Bridgett Depape) get all the damn jobs.

    • I think he knows all too well how fortunate he is. Did you even read the essays?

      Besides, if he goes on to bigger and better things thanks to this blog, he will have certainly earned it. Unlike you, who, well, seems to be a jealous, self-important douche posting on someone’s personal blog. Bravo!

    • Hi Kai and many readers resonating so spontaneously with him,

      I see a certain pattern. Kai is not alone with his reflections shared by so many readers, but I want Kai “to marry” only a younger Miss Brigitte DePape (symbolically and literally –haha!). She acted alone in Ottawa two months earlier. Something similar was occurring in Poland before a creation of Solidarity in 81. A growing number of individuals giving up collaboration with inhuman communist structures in 76-80 (similarly to Kai/Brigitte) was difficult to hide and the communist regime was nervous.

      Their verbal reactions reminds me now LifeisUnfair. He/she manifests so openly his/her anger after Kai and Brigette DePape public exposures; why and how to quit well paid/respected jobs. This person does not understand many young (not only) people bored and unfulfilled living the America/Canadian Dream. Our two heroic young people pointed out that it is not good to linger on a job that is in direct conflict with our personal values of social justice, fairness and good government. On top of that they also openly gave examples who (Harper) or what (corporate media) is bad in our present system. Manifesting it publicly hits the most sensitive point in the system – makes people more aware about often required “selling souls” to get and maintain the most prestigious jobs.

      What we really need are a few gallant people willing to step out of apathy and into action. It is sad to see a society afraid to speak out. We do not have many people like Kai and Brigitte in our community yet, but they are coming and already existed as these hundreds of letters in this blog indicate. We need the passion of individuals, such as 21-year-old former page Miss Brigette DePape; who demonstrated her “Stop Harper” sign at the last Parliament session. She was not sophisticated in her words as she used only two words, but it was the best situational solution when used in front of unprepared TV crews. Such act represents a good beginning. Kai, in the next logical step, smartly used his 3000 words. The point is that they together created the best first two steps; firstly, the spectacular public action and secondly, the best articulated Kai’s manifesto. They already exist in our conscious, but our modern society born and raised in front of TV screens with shortened attention spans needs badly graphic interpretation attached to their action.

      At this moment I want to share with you a very illustrative as symbolic photo presented in this link: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/Senate+page+Brigette+DePape+thrown+after+anti+Harper+stunt/4893688/story.html.
      After seeing this picture we can be 100% assured about the true innocence/honesty emanating from the face of Brigitte (as from Kim’s manifesto) and nastiness/hostility radiating from a dragging her parliament’s functionary with three medals (awarded after his selling his soul – haha!).

      However, let’s look for a better symbolization of their as our struggles, but in the meantime use this picture.

      At stake of Kai/Brigitte’s “actions’ is shaking our modern society. They said directly about the system and oppressive politicians, but under it is something deeper – a dominating consumerist mentality. People hurt themselves and their families and friends after being indoctrinated with a go-getting mentality. It makes them difficult to be spontaneous and socially active. It makes them more like separately caged animals, afraid of the have-nots and very afraid to risk losing something while fighting for more respect or independence. The ruling circles love societies motivated in this way as people become very predictable in their activities. Their consistent indoctrination and manipulation become an easily achieved objective once the monopolized corporate media and puppet governments lend a hand. Right now, the true rulers do not need strong police and concentration camps to maintain their dominant position; but they will when encountered with even the slightest active resistance to their globalized interests.

      Furthermore, these narrow circles of power that are the main beneficiaries of globalization increasingly want to play a role similar to that of the old feudal aristocracy. They have long been influenced by their worship of the “3M trinity”: Money, Manipulation and the desire to have More of everything. This trinity is now reaching everyone’s minds, rich and poor, so that the latter are easier to control, thereby converting the traditionally antagonistic relations between the rulers and the ruled into the friendlier dynamic of masters and their followers. What the followers do not know fully is that those who already have riches are gaining more as they acquire more power, and the followers are being poisoned with envy, which is treated as a virtue motivating people to work harder. It makes many richer, but erodes traditional religions, which endorse dialectally different values from a very addictive “consumerist life philosophy.” In fact many people from the religious establishment are not immune and can be easily targeted as the enslaved materialistic or pleasure monsters. This erosion allows the corporate media to continue their consistent total attack against all religions, and their defense of the 3Ms.

      Kai and Brigitte increased chances for initializing a “Long March” for manipulated majority toward freeing their enslaved souls in this present sophisticated social system of mental oppressions misleadingly named as the best democracy. Can we really talk about democracy when money and influence with manipulative corporate media prevails?

      Have a nice day during your travel and be very careful.

  222. Marie said:

    Bonjour Kai,

    Heureusement que les médias franco-québécois ont parlé de vous parce que c’est avec beaucoup beaucoup d’intérêt que j’ai pu lire vos deux lettres-articles. Vos écrits sont éclairés, lucides et ô combien inspirants. Chapeau pour cette réflexion généreuse et cette écriture qui est un beau mélange du coeur, de la raison et de l’intelligence. Vous excelleriez dans les documentaires, entre mille autres domaines. Vous ne pouvez pas soupçonner comme vos deux lettres m’ont fait du bien car votre réflexion est empreinte de courage, d’intelligence, de sagesse et d’audace.
    Merci d’être vous, Kai. Vous êtes un beau cadeau et un bel exemple de ce qu’il peut y avoir de plus beau et de plus grand chez l’être humain.
    Bonne chance et bonne route quelque soit le choix de carrière que vous ferez.


  223. Jana MacDonald said:


    Thank you, thank you thank you. With both your posts you stole from my mind, my heart, my Canadian self. My hope is three-fold: that you find your peace; that you keep speaking truth for us all to hear and that people truly listen, debate, act. I’m staying tuned.


  224. emily said:

    Sounds like your journey has just begun. You’re an inspiration for many! Keep going, Kai!

  225. Bridget said:

    Hello Kai, I left television myself when I was about your age. I remember a couple weeks after the big decision being more difficult than the initial rush, so I hope your travels are going smoothly right now. I personally ended up going back into broadcasting, after some time working at an international aid organization. Don’t let the words of your detractors get you down. I never regretted my choice to leave, even though I personally went back. I enjoyed your essay. Good luck on your journey!

  226. Hey, if you are coming west, why not come northwest. We are poor starving news web and print mediums challenging the status quo, hence the poor and starving! We write bold, harsh, forthright, honest, challenging and find advertisers jumping ship at times due to this. Nice to know there are young men and women who will sacrifice security for the greater good. Don’t stand in the rain, it is full of radioactive fallout. We were virtually the only west coast media to continually report on it. TerraceDaily.ca (and 4 other sites) You have just replenished the ever dwindling cup of faith in the truth ever being reported by “real” journalists.

    We are the heart of the federal and provincial governments Asia Pacific Gateway Corridor, the Enbridge Plan, Royal Dutch Shell, Kitimat LNG, Rio Tinto, Northwest Transmission line, the sacred headwaters, so much to cover and no “Unreal” journalists.


    • Skookum1 said:

      Just to add that Merv’s papers have broken and maintained various stories that should have been national headlines, but which were suppressed, ignored and stifled by BC’s major media (including the CBC) and their cross-country affiliates. These include contempt of court charges against Premier Campbell related to his attempts to intimidate a Haisla elder in relation to Rio Tinto’s Kemano II expansion project (If I remember right).

      Kai, you said that Quebec City was the most interesting journalistic assignment in Canada….I think you’re wrong….you just haven’t dug deep enough into the muck-and-filth world of BC politics and business – because none of your erstwhile colleagues in BC has ever told the truth about it, or learned to hold their noses and talk about anything else. Merv Ritchie’s papers, and others such as the Gulf Island Tides, and scores of BC political bloggers, are so far the only places where actual truth in BC is published……I recommend you go hang out with Merv for a while in Terrace and check out what’s going on in BC. Journalists of spine are needed in BC, especially to take stories national which don’t even make provincial-level coverage because of the organization suppression of information in BC by major media and their too-close ties to the ruling party and to the international corporatists currently doing an end-run on Canadian sovereignty. Good ski hill up there too (Shames Mountain), and lots of wide-oipen country, all the way to the 60th Parallel, will be your beat….

  227. Bob Twaites said:

    I think I understand what you are saying: deeply concerned about geopolitics and climate change, you need to “drive a bit”.

  228. Hey Mr. Nagata,

    So, I’ve read your last two posts, and recognize that you are incredibly busy and might want more solitude than writing opportunities, but I would regret not inviting you to write. My name is Graham Engel, and myself and some friends started an independent magazine in Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario named ‘Highbrau Magazine’ – you can find our first two issues online at highbraumagazine.com. We have three issues out, but we have not updated the website yet – email us at highbraumagazine@gmail.com if you would like a copy! Our next two issues are ‘This Land’ (timed to release the first week of October), and ‘Amusement’ timed to release for Christmas/New Years. I think that you would have a valuable perspective for either of those themes, and we would be interested in reading anything you’d have to say on the matter. If you would like more information, please drop us a line at highbraumagazine@gmail.com.
    Thanks for your writing, and thank you for your time.

  229. The awakened are few but we are gathering to support one another in our life assignments.

    Check out thepursuitofnobility.com. If it fits, read the book. If it fits, pull up a chair at the nobletavern.com.

  230. Mel said:

    Thank you for your letter. I found myself in a similar situation about 3 years ago. After 6 years in environmental consultant and a long battle to complete my PhD…i was done. Those moments of certainty are rare in life, but I knew I had had one. It was time to move on. No savings, no partner to pick up the slack, no idea where the next paycheck would come from…but I knew with 100% certainty that I had to leave. I came back to work after a month long leave and and gave my notice. Then the journey began…it started with a summer working in a community garden that only covered half the bills and ended in a research position at UBC that left me, once again, completely unfulfilled.

    I have moved on again to a great position with the government (I know), where to my shock and surprised I find myself surrounded by dedicated, intelligent and hard working colleagues who really care about what is happening to our oceans and are sincere about making change.

    Will this be where I stay? Probably not. I still hear a voice but I’m not sure what it is telling me or where it’s coming from and sometimes I fear I will get lured by the green grass always so prevalent on the other side. At the same time, life is short, and as I am approaching 40 (ugh) I have an increasing hunger to find my own truth rather than fulfilling others visions of me. In many ways, I see myself living a simpler but more real life. Is that contribution enough? I don’t know. But I do know that living your truth is what makes your life worth living. And so, I keep listenining…

    Thanks again.

    • jennifer j said:

      You sound like one of us. Check out thepursuitofnobility.com.

  231. Bruce said:

    Well, there it is. An individual who had been in broadcasting has laid out the truth about how our world is being manipulated by a big business, big entertainment and little thinking or common sense. The inability of our politicians to lead (unless following the money into their own pockets) is shameful.

    We have lost track of education, care for all of our citizens (not just a few of them), real science and have replaced all that with ideologic cant and silly entertainments.

    God help us all if we cannot do better than that.

  232. Bruce said:

    Well, there it is. An individual who had been in broadcasting has laid out the truth about how our world is being manipulated by big business, big entertainment and little thinking or common sense. The inability of our politicians to lead (unless following the money into their own pockets) is shameful.

    We have lost track of education, care for all of our citizens (not just a few of them), real science and have replaced all that with ideologic cant and silly entertainments.

    God help us all if we cannot do better than that.

  233. Lisa Slakov said:

    Wonderful what one person’s truly honest and brave action can start and how so many of us are excited by this action. I think that your points are all really important, Kai, and that is why the ripples are disappearing into the horizon. I’ll be part of the ripple effect too.
    Good travels! Lisa

  234. KateR said:

    A tune for the open road, that helped me follow the tugging heart strings, take a leap of faith and quit my job.

    ‘Take your heart’s candle and relight it!’

  235. teresa said:

    I rarely listen or watch Canadian TV or radio news my blood-pressure can’t take it anymore – I find it’s over-blown and bloated ‘Entertainment Tonight’ features are a waste of my time. I want to be informed about the world and not only one tiny and mostly insignificant piece of it, namely Canada.

    I wish I could say I was missing out but I truly can’t – I dip in and out of the Canadian media on occasion and find it never matures or moves on or God help us, improves.

    I don’t know you Kai but you’ve broken away because you had to, really what choice did you have?
    Good Luck all the way.

  236. Hi Kai and many readers resonating so spontaneously with him,

    I see a certain pattern. Kai is not alone with his reflections shares by so many readers, but I want Kai “to marry” only a younger Miss Brigitte DePape (symbolically and literally –haha!). She acted alone in Ottawa two months earlier. Something similar was occurring in Poland before a creation of Solidarity in 81. A growing number of individuals giving up collaboration with inhuman communist structures in 76-80 (similarly to Kai/Brigitte) was difficult to hide and the communist regime was nervous. Their verbal reactions reminds me now someone using name LifeisUnfair – published in this blog on July 16, 2011 at 11:44. He/she manifests so openly his/her anger after Kai and Brigette DePape public exposures; why and how to quit well paid/respected jobs. This person does not understand many young (not only) people bored and unfulfilled living the America/Canadian Dream. Our two heroic young people pointed out that it is not good to linger on a job that is in direct conflict with our personal values of social justice, fairness and good government. On top of that they also openly gave examples who (Harper) or what (corporate media) is bad in our present system. Manifesting it publicly hits the most sensitive point in the system – makes people more aware about often required “selling souls” to get and maintain the most prestigious jobs.

    What we really need are a few gallant people willing to step out of apathy and into action. It is sad to see a society afraid to speak out. We do not have many people like Kai and Brigitte in our community yet, but they are coming and already existed as these hundreds of letters in this blog indicate. We need the passion of individuals, such as 21-year-old former page Miss Brigette DePape; who demonstrated her “Stop Harper” sign at the last Parliament session. She was not sophisticated in her words as she used only two words, but it was the best situational solution when used in front of unprepared TV crews. Such act represents a good beginning. Kai, in the next logical step, smartly used his 3000 words. The point is that they together created the best first two steps; firstly, the spectacular public action and secondly, the best articulated Kai’s manifesto. They already exist in our conscious, but our modern society born and raised in front of TV screens with shortened attention spans needs badly graphic interpretation attached to their action.

    At this moment I want to share with you a very illustrative as symbolic photo presented in this link: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/Senate+page+Brigette+DePape+thrown+after+anti+Harper+stunt/4893688/story.html.
    After seeing this picture we can be 100% assured about the true innocence/honesty emanating from the face of Brigitte (as from Kim’s manifesto) and nastiness/hostility radiating from a dragging her parliament’s functionary with three medals (awarded after his selling his soul – haha!).

    However, let’s look for a better symbolization of their as our struggles, but in the meantime use this picture.

    At stake of Kai/Brigitte’s “actions’ is shaking our modern society. They said directly about the system and oppressive politicians, but under it is something deeper – a dominating consumerist mentality. People hurt themselves and their families and friends after being indoctrinated with a go-getting mentality. It makes them difficult to be spontaneous and socially active. It makes them more like separately caged animals, afraid of the have-nots and very afraid to risk losing something while fighting for more respect or independence. The ruling circles love societies motivated in this way as people become very predictable in their activities. Their consistent indoctrination and manipulation become an easily achieved objective once the monopolized corporate media and puppet governments lend a hand. Right now, the true rulers do not need strong police and concentration camps to maintain their dominant position; but they will when encountered with even the slightest active resistance to their globalized interests.

    Furthermore, these narrow circles of power that are the main beneficiaries of globalization increasingly want to play a role similar to that of the old feudal aristocracy. They have long been influenced by their worship of the “3M trinity”: Money, Manipulation and the desire to have More of everything. This trinity is now reaching everyone’s minds, rich and poor, so that the latter are easier to control, thereby converting the traditionally antagonistic relations between the rulers and the ruled into the friendlier dynamic of masters and their followers. What the followers do not know fully is that those who already have riches are gaining more as they acquire more power, and the followers are being poisoned with envy, which is treated as a virtue motivating people to work harder. It makes many richer, but erodes traditional religions, which endorse dialectally different values from a very addictive “consumerist life philosophy.” In fact many people from the religious establishment are not immune and can be easily targeted as the enslaved materialistic or pleasure monsters. This erosion allows the corporate media to continue their consistent total attack against all religions, and their defense of the 3Ms.

    Kai and Brigitte increased chances for initializing a “Long March” for manipulated majority toward freeing their enslaved souls in this present sophisticated social system of mental oppressions misleadingly named as the best democracy. Can we really talk about democracy when money and influence with manipulative corporate media prevails?

    Have a nice day during your travel and be very careful.

  237. Dear Kai,
    I work as a writer for the Faculty of Arts at UBC. I’d like to connect with you for an upcoming article. Could you respond with a contact email?
    Thank you,
    Katie Fedosenko
    Staff Writer | UBC Faculty of Arts

  238. you are an inspiration. I read every word. You’ve inspired me to keep writing and to speak a voice of truth and hold strong to my opinions. Everyone seems to be afraid to admit to some of the poignant truths you have outlined. I am cheering you on and spreading your story.

  239. JOSEPH said:

    People argue over whether there is truth or not, or what is true.
    But most folks know there is bullshit.
    It is healthy to have BS antennas because the BSers will suck you in and spit you out, they do not care about about you , you are just a raw material to be exploited.
    You have awareness, keep using it and your discerment will continue to grow. Congratulation on your “graduation” from mass mediocracy media. You are one of the alive ones unwilling to stiffle your independent thoughts, words and feelings.
    Email me sometime. 29 years ago I began an independent magazine called Common Ground, it reaches about 1/4 million readers now and is still growing. Your comments would be well received by our readers. Call me soon. Thank you.

  240. dear Kai we have job opening for people who think outside the box and wish to contribute differently in a spiritual Galactic society. check out our Grants and awards as well as Employment link. I was thinking of hiring a PR media liason manager with new viewpoint. Give me an email with contact info for we will be setting up in Quebec and every other province and territory in Canada.

    All the best Tami Dickson

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  246. Thank you again Kai, for the sharing of your wisdom and information that removes the blinders from many who thought that only conspiracy theorists complain about the lack of “real news” and the biases of so-called “News” business owner(s) that matches the totalitarianism doctrine of the Harperites, that it is nothing but fabrication of disgruntled ex-employees, etc.

    We know differently. And, as stories like yours get out, as people with real morals and a true understanding of how our Canadian culture, our society, is being stifled and muffled by those who’s moral agendas rival that of Vlad the Impaler, more and more of us rally together as we know safety is in numbers.

    It seems that if publications goes against what they (enbridge, harper, christy clarke) say then they work like crazy to make sure it’s removed/whitewashed, but when one asks a simple question about their ethics, they are nowhere to be found. Amazing.
    Too bad they are all just big fat ostriches with their heads stuck in the ground pretending that noone can see them because they can’t see us. That really speaks to their “intelligence”.

    It’s a big shock to them that we are able to “see” what they are doing and that we aren’t scared, we aren’t going away, and they are starting to fear.

  247. I don’t comment, however I looked through a few responses on this page A lot can happen in 24 hours Kai Nagata. I do have some questions for you if you do not mind. Could it be simply me or does it seem like a few of the responses look as if they are left by brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are posting at other sites, I’d like to keep up with you.
    Would you post a list of all of your social community pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  248. “A lot can happen in 24 hours Kai Nagata” was indeed
    a good posting. If merely there were far more blogs similar to this specific one in the actual web.
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    Many thanks -Kandi

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