Renaissance Man: Part 2

Here’s the second instalment of the documentary I’ve been working on with Evan Crowe and Candice Vallantin.

From the YouTube description: “Matt travels home to London to rest his shoulder and reconnect with his past. We meet three wise men instrumental in shaping Matt’s worldview, and journey to the field in Manchester where his love for motorcycles began. Meanwhile, back in California, Micky and the team are re-sculpting the jump to launch Matt higher and farther than ever before.”

Part 3 is coming in the new year. Meantime, Evan and I have to drop Candice at LAX this morning and start booting it up the coast.

If you’re in Victoria, I’ll see you at NASH74, the annual Canadian University Press conference / toga party. Apparently I’ll be giving a talk on Friday, January 13th titled “Sustainable journalism: media models for a post-growth economy”.

If you’re in Montreal, I’ll see you at or around Journalism Strategies, another exciting conference being put together by a team that includes Mike Gasher, my old department head at Concordia. That’s in April.

If you’re in Vancouver, I look forward to seeing you there over the holidays.

1 comment
  1. Bruce said:

    “One has to be solidly grounded to make a jump like that” – Wow! Such a great metaphor. Can’t wait for part three.

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