Ethical Oil: the Puppet Rap

Here’s a music video some friends and I put together for fun (you can download the mp3 below).


This project was originally featured on the Tyee. Click here for annotated lyrics with links to articles explaining Ezra Levant’s history as a tobacco lobbyist, plus the connections between Sun News, the Conservative government, and so-called “grassroots group” Ethical Oil. Bonus article from Andrew Nikiforuk on the takeover by Chinese state-owned companies of strategic Canadian energy resources.

Shoutouts to my dear friends Caitlin Dodd, David Henderson-Hean and Spencer Powell for their hard work. Plus Nikolina Suric, for giving us the men’s suit from this other video. And the fellows at Point Blank Creative for the use of their lights and greenscreen. And my grandma, for letting us come over and use her sewing machine.

That fine hip hop track you hear is the work of Emile Scott. We call it “Pipe Dreamz, feat: K-Mart & Easy-E”. If you’d like a copy, by all means enjoy a free mp3 download. Right-click to save the link.

If for some nerdy reason you’d like a ringtone, why, here’s an m4a version or here’s an mp3. Enjoy the dulcet tones of a plush tar sands apologist with every incoming call!


Everyone worked on this for free and we were happy to do it. That said, if you enjoy the song, we’d be grateful if you could toss a few coins in the jukebox. (There’s a PayPal link in the sidebar of this blog. It’s yellow and says “Make a Donation”.) We’ve also got a script written for a follow-up, set at 24 Sussex. If you can help us cover the costs of the pink felt, styrofoam balls and fun fur, I’ll start working on my Calgary French accent.

Our little family has some big mouths to feed.