“Renaissance Man”: Part 3

Evan, Candice and I are very pleased to present the concluding chapter of our film about the wild quest of Matthew Wadsworth and Micky Dymond, available exclusively on Reelhouse.org (more on the new platform below):


I met Matt a year and two days ago, at the Quebec City airport. Now I’m sitting at my kitchen table in East Van, having followed his story from the Mojave Desert to Montreal and Manchester. In the end, we produced a 40-minute film in three parts, got tens of thousands of people to watch a no-budget Canadian documentary, and were invited to present the project at the DOXA festival.

None of this would have been possible without the support of a core community of filmmakers and film-lovers that funded and distributed this project. I think it’s very exciting to be at the point where an audience and a film team can make a movie without any studio involvement, government grants, or advertising.

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who gave us gear, advice, and cash.

On the subject of collaboration and crowdfunding, you really ought to click here to visit the Renaissance Man project page at Reelhouse.org

This is a brand-new (as in, the Beta went live last night) video-sharing service based in Vancouver, BC. It’s been built over the course of the last year by a tiny, tireless team toiling in an office in Gastown. We like them a lot and we’re proud to say that Part 3 is the first piece of original content to be uploaded exclusively to Reelhouse.

What makes Reelhouse different from YouTube or Vimeo is not just the lovely staging and design, or the way we can put our whole project on one page, like you’re watching a DVD, with a nice clean URL.

This platform also integrates crowdfunding from the very beginning, with controls that allow the filmmaker to design their own funding campaigns — be they time-limited, like Kickstarter, or ongoing, like a tip jar. You can install pay gates to lock off specific content or offer creative incentives and merch to encourage donation. Sort of like Bandcamp.com, except for filmmakers. We think it’s got a lot of potential.

Our film will always be free to watch — as per our promise to our funders — but we may play with some of these functions later on, and for future projects.

Happy video-watching!

  1. Congratulations to everyone one involved, what an accomplishment! It’s thrilling to watch – not just Matt’s jump, but the Reelhouse project as well.

  2. docupeterscripttoscreen said:

    Wow! Congratulations Rennaissance Man and Reelhouse! Inspiring chracters, inspired storytelling.

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