“End Of The Line”

Hello from the BC Central Coast. Look what I found on the beach!

Keep oil tankers, and rusty hair clippers, off the BC Coast.

We’re here working on a few things this summer: youth video workshops, a forthcoming multimedia project for the Tyee Solutions Society, and this:


You can watch the first two instalments of the film (5 minutes each) right here: http://www.reelhouse.org/bintaro/

We’re also collecting donations so we can keep following the Northern Gateway story. If you want to hear stuff and meet people you just won’t see in the papers, we’d really appreciate the support.


UPDATE: Here’s a link to my conversation with Sean Holman on Public Eye Radio, broadcast on CFAX 1070 out of Victoria last Saturday. We talked about End Of The Line just after 8:30AM: http://publiceyeradio.libsyn.com/public-eye-radio-july-15-2012

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  1. At some time Min’s dad is killed and Pagan requires his family’s lot of
    money and uses it to create an exclusive army.

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