Japadog: The Evan Crowe Story

Something silly to post today. I entered my friend in a Japanese hot dog eating contest as a joke. His name was drawn out of a hat and he got the call on Tuesday. He spent all week training relentlessly and today, tested his mettle. We made a short (mock?) doc depicting his quest.

If you’re squeamish, you might want to skip the last 5 seconds of the video.


Remarkably, this turned into a major media event. The Vancouver Sun and Province were there, along with the Metro paper and the Richmond Review. CBC, CTV and Global sent TV crews. I spotted Fairchild Radio. There was even a correspondent from Xinhua, the Chinese state broadcaster. So Evan should soon have about 1.3 billion new fans.

Our video included, that’s a lot of free marketing for Japadog.

Thanks very much to Aaron Ross & The Boom Booms, as well as Nigel, Josh & Kent of Friends With The Help (download their excellent new LP for free here), for the use of their music.

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