9/11: Happy Birthday, Mohammed!

Episode 2 of Deep Rogue Ram is up. Let me say first, Internet, how amazing it was to watch you zip that weathergirl video around last week. Our friend Nathan called it “the most successful political web vid to come out of Canada”. I don’t know exactly how one would quantify such a thing, but we were ecstatic at the response. Thank you.

The team is back this week with another video, this time not about climate or environmental issues. Instead we’re featuring a piece written and performed by our friend and collaborator Mohammed Kashif Pasta, who is Muslim — and whose birthday is coming up on Tuesday.


Here’s Kashif’s actual ID. Happy birthday, buddy!

As always, you can follow Deep Rogue Ram’s antics on our Tumblr page, on Facebook, Twitter, or at DeepRogueRam.com.

Thanks for tuning in!

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