5 Questions for Kenney’s Vote-Stripping Brigades

Why is the federal immigration minister trying to make 3,100 Canadians no longer citizens? 

This article was originally published in The Tyee

Jason Kenney

Immigration & Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney announced yesterday his office is investigating 11,000 people “potentially implicated in lying to apply for citizenship or maintain permanent resident status.” To start with, CIC has launched proceedings to revoke citizenship from 3,100 immigrants.

“Canadian citizenship is not for sale,” says Kenney. Nor should it be.

On the other hand, the taking of citizenship from some Canadians should cause the rest of us to ponder any other motives by the government. At minimum, we should demand accountability and transparency from authorities in charge.

Five questions then, for Jason Kenney and the Harper government as they expand their vigorous campaign against immigration fraud.

1. How much of a problem are these people to other Canadians?

2. Are the Conservatives cracking down on specific ethnic groups? 

3. Will Canada’s economic interests influence who is investigated and who is not?

4. Does Jason Kenney’s ministerial agenda overlap with electoral politics?

5. Who’s next?

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