Our favourite plush tar sands apologists are back with a hot new track. Free MP3 download below!


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Grab the song for your next workout, road trip or staff party: TAR SANDZ PIMPIN





“It ain’t hard out here for a pimp

Candy’s patch is paying money for the rent

Rollin’ deep like my boy Peter Kent

There be a whole lotta hippies talking sh__.”



“I got a ho sweet as Candy. Her mama call her Canada.

She play hard to get, like shawarma during Ramadan.

I said baby don’t be shy cause I ain’t gonna hurt ya

I know what you’re worth. .

Candy had a man but yo, he couldn’t keep her satisfied.

She still give it up for him but now she get it on the side.

If you got the money, damn straight you can drill her.

Lay that pipe, all night, just try not to kill her.

Chokin’ wells, frackin’ em … it’s cool if you got that Platinum

Leave her black and blue and if she fight back, pack it in.

When your money run out, I bring johns in from overseas

You know them freaky Asian dudes got .”




“Now I gots a problem. .

Talking like the war be won, like my pimpin days are done.

Got a mind to smack em but a mack don’t go gun clappin’

That’s what CRA is fornow you watch they hands flappin.

Ha ha ha, mothaf___as, how you like the heat now?

My peeps got peeps holdin’ flames to y’all feet now.

I’m the P. I. M. P. who was supposed to be a M. P.

Now the P. M. watch me pimpin’ hard on the TV!

If you know the history of pimpery then you know.

First you get the money, then the whip, then you get them hoes

Get in my path, and you get bulldozed.

We rollin from the patch to the rugged West Coast.”

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