Hinterland Who’s Who: The Tory Back Bench

If you inhabit the middle of the tiny Venn diagram of people that remember the old Environment Canada wildlife PSAs, and also seek to mock the fumblings of obscure Conservative backbenchers, why then these short videos are for you. Now you can learn all about the obedient fools responsible for passing Canada’s most regressive, callous laws — set to the soothing strains of a flute.

James Bezan is best known for getting a journalist in Manitoba fired after having accidentally sent her an email revealing that he strongly opposes his party’s position on the Canada-China foreign investment treaty. He’s second-most-famous for a ridiculous cowboy video he created during the debate over the long gun registry. He also holds a curious fascination with tanning beds.

Then there’s Rob Anders, best known for falling asleep at work, insinuating that Thomas Mulcair hastened Jack Layton’s death, and calling everyone he disagrees with, including Nelson Mandela, a communist, a terrorist, or both.

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