They just want your love

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. As you might know, I’m part of an online satire collective called Deep Rogue Ram. The team has two new videos and a cartoon contest to help you celebrate this special day.

First off, Caitlin Dodd is quickly turning into BC’s Tina Fey. It’s scary:


Not to be outdone, Dan Murphy has created possibly his strangest video yet:


And then there’s this guy, created by our friend @yeslev:


Harper valentines contestIt’s pretty simple: draw in whatever you’d like to complete this picture and submit to Deep Rogue Ram at – or on the Facebook page. We love you too.

  1. Could Caitlin Dodd BE any funnier? You three are keeping us buoyant at a time when it is paramount not to slip into our own despondent ponds of bathtub gin. As for Dan Murphy: wicked, wicked man, unleashed!!! Who would have thought the Province was sitting (squatting like a toad) on THAT national trasheur?

  2. Daniel Murphy said:

    kai, the Christy is a kick. very nice.

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