Are you in a cult?

These guys have taken the crowdfunding pitch video and elevated it to an art form. There’s something about the music, the mesmerizing voices … it just makes me want to give them money:


When Aiden and Ronan came by a few weeks ago to borrow my , I didn’t realize they were making a fake cult recruitment video for a film about people accidentally forming a cult. I think it’s hilarious.

In all sincerity, I’ve known these guys since before they were in high school. They’ve been making very good short films this entire time. I know some of their crew members and if anyone can make a feature film for 10 grand, it’s these kids.

Why support the project? I’m kind of a non-fiction guy, but sometimes fiction is the best vehicle to explore complex social questions. With this film they appear intent on tackling the alienation, ironic detachment, and search for authenticity particular to our generation. Anyone who thinks that’s a frivolous pursuit should look at .

Sure, sometimes it takes a bit of irony to get the ball rolling. But I think their desire to understand themselves and their peers — and make a really good movie in the process — is sincere. They’ve already rallied a talented creative community around the project, meaning the gear is donated and the crew is working for free. Still, they need to feed and transport people.

They’ve just put up an Indiegogo campaign page:

Please consider chipping in a few bucks!


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