Memo to the NDP: Trans Mountain is Bigger, Riskier than Northern Gateway

Tom Mulcair should support both Enbridge and Kinder Morgan’s Pacific pipeline proposals, or the NDP leader should oppose them both. To favour one and not the other is simply incoherent.

Northern Gateway and Trans Mountain fulfill exactly the same purpose — except the latter would carry larger volumes of diluted bitumen, with a wider range of risks.

In a year-end interview with Postmedia journalist Peter O’Neil, Mulcair chose to attack the review process for such projects, rather than evaluate what the two companies are proposing.

O’Neil writes: “Mulcair said he’s not going to oppose the Kinder Morgan project, which submitted its National Energy Board application last week. He said the NDP recognizes the importance of getting Canadian oil and gas to the B.C. and Atlantic coasts to avoid dependence on the U.S. market.”

It’s unclear how that squares with Mulcair’s vehement rejection of the Enbridge proposal.

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  1. David Weber said:

    I wonder why it’s important to not be dependent on the USA market for oil, but it isn’t more important to focus on energy conservation and sustainable renewable sources, to the point where discussion on oil markets becomes irrelevant.

  2. Marthe Lépine said:

    I wonder if Mulcair is simply not sufficiently informed about that Trans Mountain pipeline, given all the attention the Northern Gateway has received… He may erroneously think that the environmental concerns related to Northern Gateway are more serious than the practical realities of Trans Mountain. So I would suggest to keep writing, doing things such as short documentaries or photo reporting, for example, directly targeted at the NDP and the other opposition parties, or presentations on various social media about this issue. I do not live anywhere near BC, so I do not know what the most efficient things do do would be, but keeping this in the public consciousness as much as possible would be important, since yesterday’s news are so quickly forgotten, find ways to make it news almost every day, maybe for example by bringing up an in-depth comment of one different argument every day, with a catching title, and bringing back some of the stronger arguments after you have exhausted discussing most of them, adding more information each time in addition to covering the entire issue in one article.

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