Energy & Democracy Director, Dogwood Initiative

A fourth-generation British Columbian, Kai’s roots are in the Shuswap, Gulf Islands and Lower Mainland. His last name translates roughly to “everlasting rice paddy,” which was probably a lot to hope for in feudal Japan. In his spare time he enjoys archery, camping, fishing and hunting.

As a journalist he covered an all-out mafia war, the rise of the Orange Wave and a blind British lute virtuoso’s quest to set a world record jumping motorcycles. Having held positions at CBC and CTV, he can confirm that some reporters you see on TV are, in fact, not wearing pants. His writing appears in the Toronto Star, the Tyee, DeSmog Canada, the Vancouver Sun and elsewhere.

Moving into digital content and strategy in 2012, Kai has advised candidates or elected officials across the political spectrum, as well as clients in advocacy, education, First Nations government and the private sector. So far only one of those gigs has led to being growled at by grizzly bears.

Kai is committed to building democracy through nonpartisan citizen engagement. He believes in fact-driven debates and speaking truth to power. If you find he’s slipping in any of these departments, call him at the number above — or put it in a tweet to @kainagata.

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