1. alison maclennan said:


    I am writing letters to all MPs good and bad, newspapers and the world at large. The taxpayer funds stolen by these thiefs could have been put to better use. We already have the jail cells available and do not need to build more for these thieves.

    I can provide examples of replacement spending in the justice system. I am asking friends in other fields to give me examples of alternate spending in other fields: medical, CBC, education etc

    What could have been purchased with the following:

    Duffy: $90,000
    grossed up by 44.5% equals $40,050
    $90,000+ $40,050=$130,050 (the taxable income equivalent)

    Wallin $310,000
    grossed up by 44.5% equals $137,950
    $310,000 + $137,950 = $447,950 (the taxable income equivalent)

    I have set out the net/gross income just to show how much extra income they received.

    The net they stole is $400,0000 of Canadian dollars that we could have used for real purpose.

    I read Tyee and read about your course. I am a hug fan of both you and Dan Murphy. I cannot do a video as I am left handed and clumsy. But………try to find someone who might be interested in a short one that shows a number of Canadians stating other methods of how the $400,000 could have been spent. If you can I think I can do the legwork and help round up some good examples.

    Anyway thanks for doing a good job.

  2. 123456 said:

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  3. Terence Chung said:

    Hi Kai,

    I am worried your “Stand Up to China” campaign is targeted towards thousands of Chinese Canadians instead of the PRC government. The phrase “Stand up to China” is quite sensitive, as a Chinese Canadian, I am somewhat affiliated with my motherland, though not with the PRC government. This kind of populism and racial profiling were experienced by your ancestors during WWII. I am sure you will understand and choose your wording carefully. I follow your campaign with deep interest as the blockade of pipeline construction is beneficial to civilians of BC and environmentalism is a true and noble cause.

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